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Piers Morgan Calls Meghan Markle “A Social Climber”

Meghan MarkleIn an interview with Deborah Knight on Australia’s Today Show, Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan had a lot of things to say about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. He didn’t hold his tongue and called the former Suits actress a “social climber” and said she is using people to get to the top.

This was not the first time that Piers Morgan said some harsh words about Markle. He called the pregnant Duchess of Sussex “fake” in December 2018 after reports claimed that she was rude to palace staff. But Morgan didn’t always say such things about Markle.

In November 2017, when news surfaced of her royal engagement to Prince Harry, he said nothing but good things about the royal couple. In his The Daily Mail column, he said he was “delighted” and added that it was “perfectly understandable” that Markle hadn’t kept in touch with him, considering her relationship with Prince Harry. However, Morgan’s tune has changed and he’s constantly sniped at her ever since.

Morgan Said He Didn’t Hear From Markle Again After She Met The Prince

During his Today Show interview, Morgan revealed that he met Markle in London 2016, a year after he started following her on Twitter. They went to a local pub and shared a couple of drinks.

“She said ‘I’m coming to London, can we meet up?’ We went to my local pub, I had a couple of pints of real ale, she had a couple of Dirty Martinis and we chewed the fat for a couple of hours. She said afterward from her cab, ‘I had such a great time, love to see you again,’” Morgan said. “It was purely platonic, I hasten to add. But she went in that cab that night to a party where Prince Harry was at and the next night she went on a date with him. I never heard from her again, ever.”

Morgan seems to be harboring resentment towards Markle for “ditching” him, which he thought was a rude thing to do, just because she’s already with Prince Harry. He goes as far as calling her a “social climber.” He even wishes Prince Harry “good luck” and hopes that he knows what he is doing.

Markle Has Used People On Her Way To The Top, Morgan Said

“If it all goes wrong don’t come crying to me, Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Morgan also commented on her so-called act, which he believes many people are falling for.

“I’m afraid I see a bit of a hard-nosed actress, who’s been using people on her way up to, what is now, of course, the top, which is marrying into the Royal Family,” he added.

Morgan’s negative comments are just a few of the many tirades that Meghan Markle has been receiving ever since news broke that she was dating Prince Harry. She’s been at odds with her family and believes that the British media is “out to get her.”

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  1. Guest says

    It sounds like “sour grapes” because Meghan did not choose him! A gentleman never talks about a woman he has dated — especially negative comments! It’s just not done! It’s obvious his mum either did not teach him this, or he ignored her teaching. One cannot imagine a member of the royal family ever doing this. Of course, he’s in the business of selling gossip and speculation.

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