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Prince Harry And Meghan At Fault For Their ‘Tarnished’ Public Image?

Some people are saying that it needs work, others are saying that it’s just fine. There are members of the royal rota out there who say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have no one to blame but themselves for their supposedly “tarnished” public image.

That’s because they’ve spent more time throwing the other members of the royal family under the bus than doing anything else, really. Here’s what you need to know.

Harry And Meghan At Fault For Their ‘Tarnished’ Public Image?

Royal author Angela Levin said while on Sky News Australia that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no one to blame but themselves for their tarnished image. Host Paul Murray also said that he couldn’t understand Harry and Meghan’s ‘bizarre’ way of doing things.

He said, “In the UK most people would be delighted if they don’t turn up, and even more delighted if Meghan doesn’t feel brave enough to come because there will be ‘boos’ like you’ve never heard [before].

Prince Harry And Meghan At Fault For Their ‘Tarnished’ Public Image?

Murray continued, “They are so badly regarded now, and its all their fault because how many years more are they moaning, and I think the hypocrisy is astonishing, that they don’t want anything to do with the royals, in fact Harry says he needs to come over and fix it, which is a total nonsense, because he can’t even know what to say, or what not to say nowadays.

And they feel that suddenly there’s something happening ‘great we got to be there’ and ‘not only there we’ve got to be in the front we’ve got to make sure that Archie’s birthday is mentioned.’”

What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

Levin went on to say that there’s simply no comparison when it comes to King Charles’ coronation and Archie’s birthday. She said, “For goodness’ sake it’s a State event, it’s not a birthday party for small people. They’ve got no understanding of the wonders of a Coronation.”

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