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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Unfazed By Trouble They’re Causing Sick King Charles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Unfazed By Trouble They’re Causing Sick King CharlesBritish royal family news divulges that Meghan Markle has not stopped her ambitions in light of her father-in-law King Charles’ health problems. According to sources, she is planning for a future in which her fortunes are her priority.

Apparently Meghan Markle, whose second husband is Prince Harry, has a brand new idea for the brand they concocted, American Riviera Orchard. As of now the ARO hasn’t actually sold anything, nor does it have anything to sell. But those are minor details.

Royal News – Meghan’s New Plan Of Attack

An insider told Closer magazine that the Nigerian Princess has been busy following her tour of her homeland last month.

According to the insider, “Meghan’s now drawing up a new plan of attack, basically a blueprint of how to put together more tours in the most streamlined and effective way possible.”

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Living The High Life

In case you missed it, Harry and Meghan were the invited guests of a Nigerian government official, one who is wanted by the FBI for money laundering—did someone check the MArkles’ bags on the way home?

While she was in the very conservative African country, 43% Nigerian Meghan outraged the locals by wearing next to nothing unless you count expensive jewelry as clothing.

They were justifiably slammed for living off the dime of a struggling country but according to the source, “Their conscience is completely clear on this plan because they intend to do good wherever they go.”

Royal Family News – Meghan and Harry The Do-Gooders

As part of their do-gooding, the traitorous couple are “spreading a really positive message, giving back and bringing attention and support to the regions they feel need them the most.” How they gave back to Nigeria is anyone’s guess, unless it was in the form of heartburn.

They also allegedly gave fits to the monarchy in light of their faux royal tour. However, the Markles aren’t bothered by the fact that they could be complicating King Charles’ cancer recovery: “They’re totally unfazed by any problems this might create with the Royals,” the source added.

Referencing the Markles’ reported plan to fling themselves at any third world country that offers them a bed and a sandwich, the source said they aren’t picky: “they don’t plan to limit themselves to the Commonwealth, they want to make this bigger and better than what the Royals have done in the past.” And ostensily prove the point that the faux emperor has no clothes as they merrily go on their way.

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