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Prince Harry BLOCKED From Pestering King Charles

British royal family news shows that Prince Harry allegedly arrived uninvited to see his father King Charles after it was announced the latter has cancer.

But palace officials reportedly had the monarch’s back, refusing to allow the buffoon to overstay his welcome by “blocking” any attempt to extend his stay.

It’s being reported that royal aides were afraid “they’d never get rid of him” and so took steps to ensure that Harry didn’t have the chance to become an in-person nuisance to his father.

Royal News – Harry “Blocked” From Being A Pest

A source told The Sun on Sunday that aides “believed the Duke of Sussex had hoped” to hunker down at Sandringham, sans his wife Meghan and their two kids.

Prince Harry BLOCKED From Pestering King Charles

The source says that the traitor was told to go to Clarence House, the monarch’s London home. Reports indicate that Harry’s stay lasted anywhere between 12 and 45 minutes, and that he demanded Queen Camilla not be present in her own house. Does it get any douchier than this?

According to the source, Harry is such an undesirable that “The fear was that if he went to Sandringham they would never get rid of him.”

Royal Family News Harry Not Wanted?

These comments come on the heels of a spokesman claiming on Harry’s behalf that he would be “willing” to come back on as a temporary royal while Charles and Princess Kate convalesce.

Based on that ludicrous assertion, royal insiders were quick to say that Harry has “zero chance” of receiving a warm welcome. Quite simply, it’s claimed that Prince William “would not allow” his trashy sibling to come back to The Firm.

Harry’s mad dash to his be by his father’s side for a few minutes “raised hopes that his return to Britain will be used to heal wounds with King Charles. But true to form, Harry couldn’t help but squeal about his father days later.

During an interview with Good Morning America on Friday, classless Harry had the nerve to indicate that his dad’s cancer battle could produce a “reunifying effect” on the family.

Royal Family News – Harry’s Hopes For Reunification

Prince Harry defected from the monarchy in 2020 and since then has had to deal with accusations that his sole income stream stems from trashing his family.

The source told The Sun on Sunday that Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward are able to hold down the fort in the coming weeks and asked “Is Harry really saying he’d fly back from California to attend an investiture?” I think we all know the answer to that question.

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  1. Betty says

    Harry says he,loves his,family, but his actions says the opposite. He needs the connection to the,RF to make money and become revelent again and I believe their money is tight with very little coming,in. I believe it would be,a mistake to let Harry back in, if he comes so comes,his,wife and she has,made it pretty clear she wants to destroy the Monarcy and the,RF, especially W&C because of her jealousy and wanting to be Queen and Ginger Boy is willing to help her.

  2. Kathy day says

    Harry is a traitor to the Royal family. He cannot be trusted, he’d sell em all down the river. Money is all Harry cares about. Evil any way you look at it.

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