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Prince Harry Can’t Return To The Royal Family Because Of Queen Camilla

Prince Harry Can’t Return To The Royal Family Because Of Queen CamillaNo amount of apologizing will ever fix this. There’s a new report that suggests Queen Camilla might be the reason why Prince Harry can’t return to the royal family.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Can’t Return To The Royal Family Because Of Queen Camilla

In fact, it might have been the queen of England herself who exiled her son-in-law after all of the nasty things that he said about her in his tell-all memoir, Spare. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests the Duke of Sussex can’t return to the royal family in a full-time capacity ever again because it’s Queen Camilla who is blocking his way back.

One source close to the situation has even said, The lines of communication to Harry are virtually nonexistent now.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Prince Harry?

If that weren’t enough, it seems like Prince William is in Meghan and Harry aren’t surprised that the royals have found fault with their tour of Nigeria, they’re disappointed for sure, but not surprised.”agreeance with Queen Camilla as they both see it that “he’s out of the fold and exiled at this point.”

One of the reasons why Queen Camilla is so upset with Harry is because he told the world that before she married King Charles, he was afraid that she would become the evil stepmother that everyone warned him about.

And while no one knows if that turned out to be true or not, the fact that Harry even uttered anything negative about Camilla in his book is enough for her to make sure that he never returns to Buckingham Palace ever again.

So far it seems like her plan has worked. Both King Charles and Prince William have made it pretty clear that they don’t have any time for Prince Harry.

Each time he’s visited London, both the King of England and the Prince of Wales have been too busy to visit with Harry. It seems like it’s going to stay that way, too.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Minnie Sefton says

    Prince harry has showed he can’t be trusted the king and the royal family has more important thing to deal with .you can love tour children without putting up with bad behavior.
    .Harry and Megan has cause this not the royal family good for them a parent should never put up with their behavior love goes both way. Personal I would xut all ties harry is a weak spoiled baby and his wife is a b and a bully. Look how she treats her family. Hope the king and Princess Catherine continue to get better love to the whole family. Prayers and blessings Prince William will be a great king when the time comes. Let baby harry lie in the bed he chose and get on with life sometimes you just have to let the kids mess up

  2. Debby says

    Harry’s the reason Harry can’t return to RF. Camellia has no real say in it.

  3. Jane says

    The King and his older son chosen each other over Prince Harry. Prince William is a Daddy’s Boy!!! Everyone at the palace think they are too good for Prince Harry and to be part of the royal family !!!! The Queen has also been a royal snob!!!!

  4. Kathy says

    Prince Harry has certainly made his share of mistakes; however, King Charles is hi Father and Prince William is his brother. Therefore, I would particularly ask William would your mother not want you to be willing to forgive Harry for what he may have written about you? Also Charles you certainly have let your Queen influence you, but are you willing to give up your child and grandchildren. Would Queen Elizabeth want this between you men? She was a very kind forgiving lady.

  5. Ann says

    How can Camilla block Harry entrance back to ENGLAND as she is technically Queen only in Name

  6. Sian Thomson says

    That’s Camilla for you. Breaking up families since 1981.

  7. Genie k says

    Your repeat the same phrase too many times. If you are writing for the public, lease 2 or 3 of these out. You only need to say it once.

  8. Giovina says

    Harry deserves all he gets. All he needs to do is apologise to the family and royals and the uk people no one can trust him with the evil megain who has bullied him into all of this fir her gain
    Diana would b so sad

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