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Scotty McCreery Reveals The Greatest Compliment He’s Ever Received Has Something To Do With Elvis Presley

Scotty McCreery Reveals The Greatest Compliment He's Ever Received Has Something To Do With Elvis PresleyAt age 16, Scotty McCreery’s country music career was officially ignited when he won the 2011 version of ‘American Idol,’ but that’s not the greatest compliment to his career.

No, the best will come a few years later, with Elvis Presley‘s signature all over it, or at least the best equivalent anyone can get since the star passed away decades ago.

Scotty McCreery – Recalls Getting Choked Up With Emotions After Receiving “Best Compliment”

On Wednesday, June 12, as country music star Scotty McCreery delved into the highs and lows of his career on the Jennifer Hudson show, he recalled meeting Priscilla Presley, now 79, backstage at ‘American Idol’ after performing the Elvis Presley hit “That’s All Right, Mama.”

The 30-year-old performed a rendition of the track in honor of rock and roll week, but what he didn’t anticipate was being literally blown away by something Priscilla Presley was going to say to him.

“I love that guy, but the kicker was that Priscilla was there at the show, and I got to talk with her between commercial breaks,” he said. “She looked at me, and she said, ‘Scotty, can I tell you something?’ I said, ‘Absolutely, Priscilla.'”

“She said, ‘Elvis would’ve loved you,’” he recalled, going on to gush, “Oh my God. I had to sing after that! But that was the best compliment I’ve ever received.”

The only thing that tops being “loved” by Elvis for him is getting to have an enduring career as a country music artist.

“I think if somebody would’ve told me back at 16 when I auditioned for the show, ‘Hey, 13 years later you’ll still be doing it. Writing country songs. Touring the country, the world, having fun’ — I would’ve shook their hand in a heartbeat and said I’ll take that deal. This is fun,” he said.

However, McCreery shied away from the thought of returning to ‘American Idol’ as a judge. “I know what it feels like being on the stage, being judged. I don’t want to put that on somebody else.”

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