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Prince Harry House Hunting In London

Is Prince Harry moving to London?  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been reportedly house hunting. 

But, numerous reports are indicating that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can’t seem to come to an agreement on which continent they want to live on.  Prince Harry wants to move back home, obviously Meghan isn’t getting on board with abroad.

Prince Harry House Hunting In London

Multiple sources have reported that Prince Harry is actively looking at houses to buy in the UK. 

An insider told Express, “They will soon start looking for a property of their own near London and Harry is very much leading this.

Prince Harry House Hunting In London

They won’t be asking the King for a property on the royal estate due to the issues that arose with Frogmore Cottage.  Making use of a small apartment in Kensington Palace from time to time isn’t out of the question, but when it comes to a home in the UK, they will purchase that themselves.”

Are The Sussexes Moving Back To The UK?

There have been rumblings for a while now claiming Prince Harry was miserable in California, and interested in returning home to Britain.  It looks like there may have been some truth to those reports after all.

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Interestingly, Meghan Markle has not been back to the UK since September 2022.  And, it’s been confirmed that the Sussexes have no plans to visit Kensington Palace for the holidays. 

How exactly does Prince Harry plan on getting his wife to live in the UK when he can’t even get her to visit there?

Prince Harry Resents Meghan Markle

Everyone said that eventually Prince Harry would resent Meghan Markle for making him leave his home and every thing he knew. 

If Meghan axes the London house, it may cost her their marriage, once they have a property in the United Kingdom, their marriage is as good as over anyways. 

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Prince Harry will start spending more and more time at his London home, and less and less time with Meghan Markle in California.

Do you think Meghan Markle would ever live in Britain again?  Do you think Harry is miserable in California? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more royal family news and updates.

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  1. Susan D. says

    It’s the children who will make things complicated–through no fault of their own of course. Harry will not want to be away from his children, so his time in the UK will probably be limited. Meghan will not want to spend much time in the UK at all. It’s a sad situation I do think Meghan brought most of this on herself. She was naive about what it meant to marry into this family and expected to rock the boat–which did not work. She is a master at alienating family and taught Harry how to do it. Yes, she suffered terrible tabloid harrassment–but so have others in the family. Her mixed race just gave them something new to talk about. The members of the Royal Family have to be tough to withstand what is thrown at them.

  2. Betty says

    I can t see Megan going back to the UK, Maybe Harry is finally realizing that Megan wasn t the one. But I do worry about the,kids if there are any. afraid they will be used by Megan for financial gain. Only time will tell but if he does buy a house, I believe the,marriage is over.

  3. Jeff says

    Just buy a place and split your time between continents. A lot of people do it. A little give and take.

  4. Patricia says

    I don’t think that Megan Markle will ever move away from California. She has everything she wants. She got Harry to leave his home and his family. And she got people to support her and stand be hind her. I don’t think Harry will move to UK. I think he will do what ever she demands. I think Megan Markle makes all the choices and decisions and Harry just follows her. Harry needs to stand and be a man . Megan Markle saids jump and he saids how high. What kind of marriage is it. I don’t think that the Royal family was as bad as she said they was. She couldn’t have everything her way and couldn’t demand anyone. So she went crying to Harry and beleave everything she said. Was anyone there? Did anyone hear anything? Did anyone see anything? Come she is actress, she knows how to work it!!!. And still doing it. She doesn’t want Harry to go back or to move back. Because if he did she wouldn’t have any control over him or anyone. That woman no Intention to ever live in the UK. Oh my heavens woman get a real life. You don’t even know how to love and care for anyone. You don’t care who you hurt or how much you take from them as long as you get what you want!!. You don’t know how to love. You have no heart. Harry is Royalty and always will be and his children are too. So get over it. You’ll find other man to be in life like you did with Harry. Megan Markle ain’t going no where. Megan Markle ain’t moving from her home to the UK ever!.

  5. Mary Breuch says

    If Megan did Christmas like the average Christian in the States, it would be about CHRIST #1 and family. Megan deals with persons that only want more and more Money. It should be church,beautiful decor and loving your fam and friends I believe that’s closer to what Harry’s used to in the UK.Superficial living is getting to him in

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