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Meghan Markle SHOCKS With Insensitive Style At Event: ‘Slap In The Face’!

Meghan Markle sparked a backlash (yes, again) for her style choices. And this time, the Duchess of Sussex proved that she doesn’t know how to read the room. Should Meghan change her title to the Duchess of Insensitivity?

Find out what tone-deaf Meghan wore that shocked and angered royal family followers. And keep reading to discover how much she spent on the outfit that sparked the backlash.

Meghan Markle – Angers Royal Family Followers

Learn to read the room. That’s the advice from royal family followers after Meghan Markle’s clothing choice went viral.

And the Duchess of Sussex sparked a backlash over wearing a Royal British Legion red poppy pin on her very expensive designer clothes amid opening a new United States Navy fitness center in San Diego with Prince Harry, according to MSN.

Meghan Markle SHOCKS With Insensitive Style At Event: ‘Slap In The Face’!

Meghan and Harry teamed up with members of the Navy SEAL Foundation on November 8 to open the new state-of-the-art Warrior Fitness Program facility. And both the Duchess and Duke of Sussex chose to wear a red poppy on their matching black outfits. 

Poppies have become a November tradition in the UK for remembrance events and Armistice Day (November 11). And in November, the royal family wears poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday. However, in the United States, poppies typically are worn for Memorial Day in May.

Meghan Markle – Dresses To Steal Spotlight

But angry royal family followers felt that Meghan used her poppy to steal the spotlight. For instance, one critic wrote on social media, “I didn’t think poppies are worn on Veterans Day in the US, but are worn on Memorial Day in May? Am I wrong? … & instead of attending court, here’s ‘that one’ yet again claiming front & centre stage at an event that has absolutely nothing to do with her. God give me strength. “

And another wrote, “Meghan Markle looks like a bloody moron wearing a Royal British Legion Poppy. Who told her wearing a British poppy while ‘celebrating American veterans’ would be a good look.”

Meanwhile, Page Six reports that the Duchess of Sussex spent nearly $5,000 on her outfit. And the Suits alum wore a Giorgio Armani suit to open the new veterans’ training facility.

Markle donned a silk button-front blazer, which costs $3,095. And she matched it with palazzo trousers, for which she paid $1,695.

But the Duchess of Sussex then wore a Royal British Legion poppy to complete her outfit. And angry commentators flooded message boards with their wrath.

Meghan Markle – Represents ‘Slap In The Face’

For instance, one wrote, “The following point cannot be emphasized enough: H&M do NOT represent the UK/Commonwealth in any official capacity.

They do not represent the British government in any capacity. The wearing of the poppy is a sign of respect in the UK/Australia/Commonwealth. If American vets want to be used as photo-ops by this pair of attention seekers that is on them.”

And another shared, “I suspect the US military is sick of them as well. I’m sure they’ll put a stop to this.” But one critic pointed out, “They don’t represent the US Military either. These two are such grifters.” And another angry commentator wrote, “Who put them in charge of representing our country to our veterans and dedicating a facility? Are they getting paid for this? This is a slap in the face to our veterans each of whom are great patriots who protected our country.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan Markle wearing a poppy? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

  1. J says

    How lovely! The room I’m in sees a beautiful lady being a good human helping humanity. It’s all one earth folks… Why give a shit about a flower? What have you done to help anyone? It could be something so simple like .. I don’t know? Keeping your fashion advice to yourselves, maybe?

    1. Jeri says

      Exactly! Leave these 2 alone. They are just trying to find where “they” fit in and continue their good work.

    2. Michele wolfe says

      I happen to agree. Who cares about a flower. Prince Harry is British,he’s married to her so what does a flower mean. In Britain that’s what they do to support their vets. Maybe we need to worry if they are running for president otherwise let it go.

    3. Mary says

      You are obviously clueless

    4. JoAnne says

      The puppet and his Master strikes again! WTH do these two jackals have to do with the US military? I personally find their representation at the Navy Seals new center disgusting…who invited them and why? Why wasn’t a retired Navy Seal Vet invited for the opening ceremony instead?
      Their only concerns are self promotion, publicity and their so called “brand”. Their presence is a joke.
      And to answer your question “what have I done?” I gave birth, and raised, a current Marine officer and an Air Force Vet and have had many family members serving with the US military from the American Revolution through current day.
      As for the jackals I feel sorry for Harry… he should have heeded the warnings and advice from his and her families received prior to his marriage.

  2. Jessica says

    Y’all must be very bored if this is what you’re reporting. So everyone else in America can honor veterans except these two people? Harry created a whole charity for veterans! Why can’t they wear the poppies? ALL BRITISH PEOPLE DO!! Lastly, when it comes to what she wears, many times, designers will offer clothing to for someone to wear when they know said person will be photographed a lot. You are wasting your journalism degree if this is the garbage you have to write to get a paycheck.

    1. JoAnne says

      ALL BRITISH PEOPLE wear the poppies symbol to honor THEIR Veterans Day , November 11. These two clowns forsook Harry’s family and country to come to America to seek their “privacy” LOL.
      The poppy flower is an AMERICAN tradition to honor veterans on Memorial Day.

  3. Betty says

    As usual Both in Burgher and her side,kick Lap Dog appears where they have no business being. She’s wearing an inappropriate poppy and can t help flaunting how much her,clothes cost. Who gives a flying Fu** about her or her lap dog and why were they there. They,care nothing about the US military. All they want is to be seen to stay revalent. Next time Stay Home you re no longer important

    1. Joan says

      Well said.

    2. Crystal says

      I agree with you neither could care less although Harry might but your so right made A’s out of themselves

    3. Donna says

      Well stated! Totally agree with you!

  4. Duchess Wendy says

    Royal expert’s “opinion?” Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. This is sheer fabrication, you don’t have a clue about how the Prince & Duchess of Sussex are living their lives, nor what THEY THINK. Contrary to what “royal experts” CHOOSE TO BELIEVE, most Americans like them very much.

    My WWI veteran American grandfather always wore poppies on Veteran’s Day. It’s also an American tradition, y’all don’t own it.

    Leave them alone, write about the royal mistresses, Rose Hanberry & skanky Camilla, to get your jollies.

  5. Maryjane says

    Why do these two have anything to do with the US military? He is British and she doesn’t know what she is. They had no business being there.

  6. Greta Ranum says

    Really? How small are your negative brains?

  7. Betty says

    She wants to beTopDog in the UK and the USA she doesn’t know anything. She married Harry because she she thought it would make her Famous so now she she puts Harry down as if he is a no body. Look around Megan he is the one that is Famous and You are the NOBODY.

  8. Rhonda says

    Who’s minding the kids?

  9. Mary says

    My personal opinion is let them where the puppy’s, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it shows they care about the veterans, doest matter UK, Australia, US, veterans are veterans, and I should know, my dad, uncle, grandfather and brother are all veterans, and I don’t care where they came from, they helped with freedom in whatever country they were in

  10. Debby says

    Megan is well known for her lack of proper attire, class, lack of taking in a room to judge what she should do, how to do it. She knows everything… put her in nice clothing she’ll grab the mike & planet herself front & center

  11. Leslie says

    Um… Americans also wear poppies on Veterans Day, not just Memorial Day.

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