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Prince Harry Makes Coronation Demands But Clashes With Meghan

Folks have been pondering if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend the official Coronation of King Charles III in May. Actually, after his book, “Spare” and the Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” it’s amazing that they were not struck off the invite list.

Now, rumors emerge via sources, that allegedly, he wants to have a special role or he won’t go. Meanwhile, Meghan seems to be there like a bear. So, there’s allegedly a bit of a clash going on at Montecito. 

Prince Harry & William Might Clash Over The Coronation

The formerly beloved brother of Meghan’s husband is apparently arranging the Coronation. It’s a big day for King Charles III and his wife, The Queen Consort. Naturally, the Prince of Wales wants it to be special for them.

After all, royal family members who work in “The Firm” can’t really say nasty things about the royal couple, even if they want to. It’s only Meghan and her man who do that sort of thing. However, William’s brother might have issues with the way the Prince of Wales wants things done. 

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Some folks who disapprove of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wouldn’t mind seeing their kids, Lilbet and Archie at the Coronation. Apparently, the invite was extended to them as well. Mind you, not so many folks want to see their mom there. After all, many people suspect that having left the royal family, she just wants to make a living off trolling them. Actually, without marrying Harry, she probably wouldn’t make the headlines every single day. 

Prince Harry Demands A Special Role – Threatens To Boycott

Neil Sean spoke about the alleged demands of the former royal in his Daily News headlines.  On YouTube, he talked about a possible problem in “Paradise.” As he always does when citing sources, he was careful to use the word, “allegedly.” Anyway, leaks suggest that the hard-hitting author of “Spare” doesn’t want to be shuffled off to the side, and wants to play a significant role at the Coronation of King Charles III. And if that doesn’t happen, then he won’t go. 

Prince Harry WantsTo be Special At The Coronation But Clashes With Meghan
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Word from Montecito is that the wife of Prince Harry disagrees that they should boycott the coronation for any reason. According to a source, the massive celebration is simply too good to miss for Megah Markle. After all, a coronation is a huge day for the monarch and his subjects. So, apparently, she “thinks it’s a great idea to attend.” Bear in mind, the media coverage will be massive. And, allegedly, she doesn’t want to miss out on that publicity. 

Royal Family Watchers Comment

In the comments of the video on YouTube, folks talked about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the coronation of King Charles III. Actually, hardly any of them were surprised that Meghan allegedly wants to be there. 

Sally Brady wrote, “When asked whether she thought Meghan would attend the Coronation, journalist Sophie Ellsworth from Australia said ‘Meghan would attend the opening of an envelope.’ 😄.”

Meanwhile, Sharon Tarin joined, “Leading role? Good Lord, this man is living in LaLa Land. Of course she wants to be there, publicity, self-importance and total arrogance.”

What are your thoughts about the rumor that there’s trouble in Paradise because Meghan wants to go but her husband won’t unless his demands are met at the coronation? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Editorial credit: Alan Fraser Images /

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