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Prince Harry & Meghan Leave A Mess In Nigeria, Come Home As Laughingstocks

Prince Harry & Meghan Leave A Mess In Nigeria, Come Home As LaughingstocksBritish royal family news showcases the amazing Nigerian Riviera Tour Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took this month, in which both claimed dominion over the country. As one might expect, this quasi-royal pomp and circumstance allegedly did not go over well back at Buckingham Palace where the real royals reside.

To say the little sojourn was controversial would be an understatement. It’s hard to digest the magnitude of vulgarity the Markles engaged in while partying down in Nigeria, but plenty of experts have dissected the visit with clarity. Here is what to know about the fallout from the Nigeria expedition.

Royal Family News – Harry and Meghan And The Money Launderer

Harry and Meghan were welcomed like the royalty they are not. To make up for her lack of royal-ness, the locals proclaimed the jam faker to be a Warrior Princess, and Harry played along by referring to corrupt government officials as his “in-laws.”

It turns out that the Markles were invited to the country by a man wanted in the US for money laundering charges. He flew them all over the country and the traitors have yet to explain themselves.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Are Nigerian Royalty

One of the biggest snubs to the monarchy came when the British national anthem was played for Harry and Meghan.

Everyone sang along, except for the Gruesome Twosome. It happened at a reception for military families.

The Duke and Duchess of Excess pretended that the Nigeria trip was to advocate for the Invictus Games, but experts say there is no chance in Hades that the poor country will support such a venture.

Royal pundit Angela Levin told GB News with Nana Akua: “Harry was stood there absolutely frozen. He hated it. “They didn’t move their mouths one tiny bit to sing along.” Nana said: “It’s genius of the Nigerian to put that in there. Genius.”

Levin responded: “Well, they didn’t want to make The King feel out of it. They wanted to show respect.”

Royal News – Meghan And Harry Disrespectful

Harry told the crowd that he was there to meet the people and offer solutions, support, and positive change. But as Levin noted “it’s not his job. He is not a [working] member of the Royal Family … And I think this is the implication, that they want to go to other places around and take it over from the King and the family.”

Akua had the last word saying “The Nigerians didn’t buy into it though.” Tell us royal fans, do you buy into the swill Harry and Megan are selling?

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  1. Annie says

    Harry and Meg were invited. They can travel whereever they want. Harry is a wonderful human being and much more real than William.

  2. Jane says

    Meghan, KARMA!!!!!!

  3. Ananda says

    I don’t agree with you at all, Annie. Harry is bogged down with jealousy & hatred for William. His main goal has been to bring down the Monarchy & it seems that he won’t be satisfied until he does so. That’s not what I would call a nice person. There is so much more going on that we don’t know about. He & megs were really naive to think they could bring down a 1,000 year institution but I believe that when all is said & done they will be the ones who will be brought down. And it won’t be long before that happens.

  4. Janet says

    Harry is a spoiled child and Megan is a silly want to be. They both should be cut off or one day there will be unfixable problems.

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