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Prince Harry Out Of Touch With Himself

Prince Harry Out Of Touch With HimselfBritish royal family news indicates that four years on from Megxit, Prince Harry is rumored to have lost touch with who he once was.

He looks so lost that one royal expert warns he is having buyer’s remorse over his decision to ditch his family and life in the UK for an existence in the US as a rescue chicken tender. Here’s what to know about Harry and Meghan today.

Royal News – Little Boy Lost

Royal commentator and Daily Mail editor Richard Eden thinks that Clown Prince Harry is realizing that he gave up far more than he gained when he fled his homeland (the English one, not the Nigerian one).

Eden wrote that “When Prince Harry started introducing new girlfriend Meghan Markle to his closest pals back in 2017, not all of them warmed to the American actress.” Shocking.

He went on to say that the duke’s friends “tend to be country sports enthusiasts with an earthy sense of humour, while Meghan is a politically correct Californian who practises yoga when she’s not sipping green smoothies or nibbling avocado on toast.”

Royal News – Did Harry Give Up Hunting?

Soon after their relationship began there were also rumblings that Meghan forbid her man from hunting, one of the royal family’s favorite pastimes.

It’s been difficult to get a handle on what exactly the gruesome twosome are getting up to in LA, given the fact that they have become more toxic than acid rain.

Eden however thinks that Harry is making friends. But those friends don’t have the best impression of the foolish father of two. According to Eden, no matter how “many new showbiz pals Harry makes in California, there might come a time when he regrets losing touch with his old pals.”

Royal Family News – Will Harry Regret His Defection?

Harry’s past four years as a commoner have been pocked by an absence of familial relations.

Additionally, Meghan does not speak to her father Thomas, her sister Samantha brought a lawsuit against her for slander, and her brother Thomas Jr. mocked her on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. 

Tell us royal fans, do you think that the Markles regret losing touch with their royal roots?

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