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Big Bang Theory Dissention Erupts Within OG Cast Members Regarding Spinoffs

Big Bang Theory Dissention Erupts Within OG Cast Members Regarding SpinoffsAs Young Sheldon is coming to a close, a new Big Bang Theory (BBT) spinoff is on the horizon, which will center around Sheldon’s brother and his wife. Still, there’s word that more spinoffs could be coming down the pipe that involves other BBT characters, but sadly, this is dividing the actors that played in the original series.

Big Bang Theory OG Cast Turned Down An “Young Sheldon” Offer To Return

Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons reprised their “Amy and Sheldon” BBT roles for an interesting scene during the Young Sheldon finale.

The very last show revealed Sheldon was penning his autobiography, and it was fun to see the two characters back on the small screen.

Still, according to reports, other OG BBT cast members were asked to return but turned the offer down.

In fact, it seemed there was an angle for Penny and Leonard on the Young Sheldon finale, but Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki were not interested in coming back. In fact, it looks like they don’t even want to possibly appear in any future spinoffs, too.

Big Bang Theory Other OG Cast Turned Down An Offer To Return

As per reports, BBT ended because of Jim Parsons. He simply didn’t want to do the show anymore, even though the other cast members were open to another season.

Still, when he began doing the voiceovers for Young Sheldon, and acting as executive producer for the show, things changed.

He did make a pretty penny (pun intended) off Young Sheldon and then saw the possibility of making more with BBT spinoffs.

Meanwhile, Mayim Bialik left as Jeopardy’s host and seems to be interested in doing more acting, which includes returning as Amy in some capacity.

Still, Galecki and Cuoco aren’t as eager as Parsons and Bialik. While Galecki did have a brief return to The Connors, it looks like he wants smaller roles, versus a full-time thing. Meanwhile, Kaley has moved on to other projects like Based On A True Story and The Flight Attendant.

A source told Closer Weekly that Jim and Mayim are, “True believers in the power and international reach of the Big Bang Theory universe, and Johnny and Kaley just feel like they have better things to do with their time.”

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