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Prince Harry Thinks He’s Being MATURE Forgiving The Royal Family?

British royal family news reveals that one royal expert thinks that Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex thinks that the monarchy should welcome him back even after all the trouble he’s caused. Here’s what one royal commentator is saying about the Clown Prince.

Royal Family News – Harry Thinks He Should Be Welcomed Back

Royal expert Tom Quinn is speaking out about Prince Harry after his disastrous interview last week with Good Morning America.

He thinks that Harry “isn’t ready to own his part in the family bust-up” as evidenced by him publicly begging to be taken back after his father and SIL were sidelined with serious medical issues.

Prince Harry Thinks He’s Being MATURE Forgiving The Royal Family?

A source on behalf of Harry blared to the press that Harry would be delighted to return to royal duties temporarily. As if.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Tone Deaf

The palace was quick to let it be known that there is no need for Harry to apply for his old job. According to GeoTV, although the palace turned him down “experts believe Harry thinks the Firm should be grateful that he’s ready to forgive them.”

Apparently he didn’t realize that being given just a few minutes with Charles after his diagnosis, and not being invited to go to the palace, were loud signals that he is not wanted?

Royal Family News – Harry Is Not Welcome At The Palace?

Quinn told The Mirror: “Harry feels he is the one who has been wronged and that the rest of the family should be happy and grateful he is prepared to try to forgive. He doesn’t see his own part in the family bust-up.”

He went on to say “This is why he went on Good Morning America to say ‘I love my family’ – it plays brilliantly with the American public and gives Harry the chance to step once more into the limelight and to play the role of the mature character able to forgive the terrible wrongs he has suffered.”

Royal Family News – Is The Media Ignoring Harry?

Quinn added insult to injury by saying that Harry is being ignored by the media and he is not taking it well: “[The] trouble with being Harry is that for all his complaints about the media he feels lost when the media ignore him”, adding, “being the focus of world attention may be a pain but being ignored is worse. Extending the olive branch as Harry appears to be doing, brings the kind of publicity he loves.”

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  1. Maryjane says

    He can never be trusted back into the Royal family and especially his narcissistic wife. She only loves herself. They made a choice, own it, be quiet and stop trying to be in the public spotlight. Remember, they wanted privacy.

  2. Debby says

    That’s because Harry’s completely delusional & deranged.

  3. noellastober says

    I do not think so Harry cannot be trusted and once you lose trust you lose it all. His grandmother, a very smart woman, would not have trusted him again, nor any royal for that matter and rightfully so He can thank MM and himself for all this crap The only ones who really will suffer is his kids

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