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Prince Harry Terrified Of King William

It looks like he’s got every reason to be worried. There’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry is terrified of the day that his brother Prince William becomes the next king of England.

That’s because he already knows what to expect and the feeling over it is certainly giving him chills. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Terrified Of ‘King William’

Prince William has made it pretty clear that he never wants to speak to his little brother, let alone ever be in the same room with him again.

Prince Harry Terrified Of King William

He just can’t forgive the Duke of Sussex for all of the nasty things that he said in his multiple interviews with the press and how he threw the entire royal family under the bus in his tell-all book, Spare.

And while some reports say that Prince Harry would like to end his feud with his brother and their father, King Charles, Prince William simply isn’t interested.

Royal expert Richard Eden, who has written several books about the royal family, even puts it  this way, I think the dilemma is that the King does want a reconciliation with Harry, particularly with his illness. He does welcome that, but you’ve got all the pressure of the Palace and the courtiers and no one wants that Sandringham agreement to be broken.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For The Duke Of Sussex?

Eden continued, “Harry’s been given a taste of what to expect when his brother is King and that’s very cold…William will veto any return, any official duties by Harry, that’s just not going to happen. I think he’s already sort of feeling that chill.”

So far the Duke of Sussex himself has not made any comments about the matter, although at this point it’s doubtful that anything will be said.

He wants to do everything he can to fix things but unfortunately Prince William will never agree to anything Harry will ever say at this point. Things will certainly get even worse for Harry when William becomes king. 

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  1. Daffy says

    I think the actions of William and his temper tantrum behavior is NOT a good trait for a King. Is he going to hold grudges for anyone of importance that say or do something he doesn’t like when he’s King? Is he waiting in the wings planning revenge on Harry? This is not a good look for a King

    Sure Harry is his brother and messed up BIG time, but William needs to grow up and at least be civil and act like a grown up so he can be in the same ROOM with Harry. He doesn’t have to engage with Harry at all. He’s acting like a spoiled brat.

    The relationship could be irreparable but act like a King not a jilted lover.

    1. Annjeannette says

      William needs to be careful his attitude is not perceived as an abuse of power that could put an end to the monarchy. No matter how much people purport to “love” their monarch, I don’t think they will put up with that. He has yet to learn how much at the mercy of the people he is. His grandmother knew that, and that’s one reason her reign lasted so long.

    2. Karen says

      Daffy, you took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with you about William. He’s got a bad attitude, egotistical, nasty side to him. Harry is in this predicament because of Meghan. Wish he’d never met her. She’s pushed and pushed Harry into all this mess. Yes, Harry went along with everything, cause I guess he loves her?? That’s questionable!!! But back to William, he’s a big bully now. Heaven’s Sakes! Harry is your little brother, and here you are thinking you’re so special, you can’t even give it a try to work out this mess with your brother. Just disgraceful!

    3. Mary says

      Who are you or anyone else for that matter to insist that Prince William and the rest of the royal family welcome that traitorous pair back with open arms. The first rule of family is don’t ever air your dirty laundry in public but, if you want to sell books and broadcast every detail good or bad about your family, you take what the dish back. In days of yore he would’ve at best been locked in the Tower of London and at worst beheaded.

  2. Judy says

    William should not be King. Hes to judgemental
    He has a lot of skeletons in his closet!!!!
    Harry is blood

  3. Carolyn says

    William should not have anything to do with Harry. Harry has lied about the family. He should never be allowed to come back to the family. Also his wife and kids should never be allowed to be in the family.

    1. Anonymous says

      I agree! Harry was an adult when he decided to speak his childish opinions of his life and the life of the royal family. His insults were unhealthy and plain stupid!
      When he cried because he felt he was treated differently, I was totally discussed with his whining….”woe is me” attitude.
      No way can he go back. Who can trust him now?

  4. Sharon says

    William and Catherine will make an awesome King and Queen. Look everyone has skeletons in their own closet. King Charles also has the feelings as Camilla and a lot of the family. Harry and his bit** of a wife did this all my themselves and are still causing issues by using their titles which should have been taken away. When you are in the Monarchy their are very special rules “You HAVE TO GO BY” no matter what!!!! Harry is no longer in the Monarchy because he choose to leave it. No going back.

  5. May says

    William is a bully. How can he not know people can see that? He must be believing his own PR machine.

  6. Martha says

    Maybe William didn’t go to memorial service because Andrew seemed to be in charge. He William has been criticized for even being in car with Andrew.

  7. Donna says

    I feel sad for Prince Harry. Megan has made life impossible for him. He did what he thought was right standing by his (poor excuse of a wife). She is a very narcissistic person and Harry fell head over heels for her and she has done nothing but bring him down. Made it impossible for him to reconcile with his family. The really sad part is he will never be able to completely get away from her because now he has two children. Everyone makes mistakes and he is only human just like his brother and father. No one is perfect. Prince William needs to be more understanding. That is, was and always will be his bloodline brother. No matter what has been done. Prince William are you perfect? Apparently not! You had an affair on your wife. You obviously expected her to forgive you! Forgive your brother!!

  8. Sharon says

    I think William has thin skin. If Harry is telling the truth about his brother physically attacking him, then William should not be upset if he did it. I think the problem is that the royal family wants everyone to believe how they don’t do anything wrong they’re always proper. But if you remember their code, don’t explain , don’t complain.

  9. Ann baker says

    Harry could never be trusted in the royal family again. William doesnt owe Harry anything. Harry is a spoiled entitled brat jealous of his brother. Blaming his wife is childish. He thought he could throw his huge tantrum w his book, gain the worlds sympathy
    And be included again? What a shock! You dont try to distroy your family and get back in

  10. Betty Ohara says

    Both of the boys and Charles has tempers and they have shown them. But William will be a good King and he will not allow Harry and Megan back anytime soon and he will,show strength when needed and if necessary instruct Parliament to take their titles. So they best behave and stop the accusationds and snide remarks.

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