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Prince Harry Urged To Make Peace WIth King Charles Before It’s Too Late

Prince Harry is being urged to make peace with his father King Charles before it’s too late. As many royal fans are aware of, the Duke of Sussex traveled to London to speak with his father after it was announced that he was diagnosed with cancer.

Seeing how the Duke of Sussex has been in a never ending feud with the royals, experts believe it’s time for him to put it all in the past for the sake of both his family and the monarchy. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Urged To Make Peace WIth King Charles Before It’s Too Late

Speaking to GB News in a new interview, royal expert Angela Levin, who often has something or another to say about the royal family, says that Prince Harry should simply let bygones be bygones and make peace with his father. If there was ever a time to do so, it would definitely be now.

Prince Harry Urged To Make Peace WIth King Charles Before It’s Too Late

She said, When I spent 15 months with Harry in 2018, he was an absolutely lovely young man and he adored his father.

He got on with him very well from childhood when William was getting on better with Diana his mother and suffered that way. But he’s now very hardened and he has said that he doesn’t want to actually meet his father until he apologizes.”

Levin continued, “Mainly apologizing that they haven’t looked after Meghan and that he never supported him. So it’s interesting now that he’s had the courage [to come and visit] and I do think he has to have a certain amount of courage to come over and face his family.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For The Duke Of Sussex?

So far Prince Harry himself has not made any comments about the matter. We will update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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