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Prince Harry Wants His Family Back, Meghan Markle Wants Nothing To Do With Them

British royal family news teases that the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not be on the same page after a source floated the rumor that Harry is ready to go back to the front lines while his family is on the medical mend.

While the source name dropped Harry as “willing” to sacrifice himself for the greater good, there was NO mention of Meghan.

Let’s break down what could be going down here as the royal family seems to have no intention of taking Harry back, even “temporarily” as he suggested.

Royal Family News – Harry Wants to Help Out the Monarchy

CheatSheet notes that Harry and Meghan Markle have had many “emotional conversations” about Harry’s weak attempt to reinsert himself back into the monarchy.

Prince Harry Wants His Family Back, Meghan Markle Wants Nothing To Do With Them

Of course the tacky twosome have done everything in their power to tear down The Firm and humiliate his family. All it got them was widespread ridicule, ie, South Park, Family Guy, Spotify, the list goes on.

Four years of red-faced rants have got the Markles less than zero while King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, and Priciness Kate have never been more popular.

Could it be that Harry has finally seen reality, that he needs them more than they need him and the missus? As astonishing as it seems, Harry’s lightbulb may have blinked.

Royal Family News – Will Harry Be Welcomed Back?

How else to explain why he foolishly suggested that he jet back and pick up the slack while Kate and Charles convalesce?

Silly Harry, you were made to stay in a hotel during your allegedly uninvited trip to see the king after his cancer diagnosis became public.

Harry, your family have made it abundantly they don’t trust you with the silverware, let alone their sacred duties.

Yet the outlet states that reconciliation with King Charles and Prince William is what Harry regards the “only option” while Meghan is meh. And, OK! Magazine wrote that Harry and Meghan have had multiple “emotional conversations and heart-to-hearts over the best way to handle the situation” they created “and move forward.” In short Meghan allegedly wants nothing “to do with” reconciliation

The source added “I think there is no plan B for Harry. Patching things up with the family is the only option.” It takes two to tango however, and it looks like Harry and his thinning hair are all alone on the dance floor.

Tell us royal fans do you want Harry to become a working royal once again or has that fairytale sailed?

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  1. Carole says

    It’s too late for Harry!

  2. Judy says

    Yes I would like to see Harry back in the Royal fold. As for Megan NO WAY CAN SHE BE TRUSTED. Shes a backstabber all the way. Anything to make her more noticed. Harry loves his family and needs to take control of his own life. Megan likes to be controller. I hope he mans up and takes his place where he belongs

  3. Roxanne Hughes says

    It’s never too late for family please please remember that is one thing that everyone has made mistakes and hate themselves for it. Talk to each other and love them no matter what.

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