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Kate Middleton In Panic Mode, Doesn’t Want To Be Queen?

This year has been a wild one for the Royal Family, and it’s only February.  Kate Middleton is currently lying at home and recuperating from her emergency surgery. 

Prince William’s wife is supposed to return to Royal duties after Easter, but new reports say the Duchess of Cambridge is in panic mode and afraid she will have to step up as Queen.  Keep reading for all the details and more Kate Middleton news.

King Charles’ Diagnosis Rocks Royals

While Kate Middleton was in the hospital, she and her husband Prince William learned that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. 

The Palace has confirmed that King Charles has already begun treatments, but details are vague on his diagnosis. 

Kate Middleton In Panic Mode, Doesn't Want To Be Queen?

Seeing as how we don’t know what kind of cancer he has or what stage it is, it’s anyone’s guess how many more years or even months he will have on the throne.

Kate Middleton knew that one day she would have to be the Queen of England, that’s a responsibility she took on years ago when she married Prince William.  But, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never thought that it would be this soon.

Prince William’s wife has always been a good sport and kept up with her Royal duties and appearances.  She has even paraded her three young children around as members of the Royal Family. 

But, in Kate’s eyes, she and Prince William had at least ten more years to raise their children how they seen fit.  If King Charles’ cancer gets the best of him, Kate and Will are going to take the throne whether they are ready or not.

Kate Middleton Fears Losing Her Kids’ “Normal Lives”

Kate Middleton has always been an active mother in her children’s lives and taken her role as a parent seriously. 

She and Prince William have gone above and beyond to give their kids the most normal life possible, and all that is going to slip away if King Charles passes away or steps down from the throne.

Do you think that Kate Middleton will be forced to become Queen sooner rather than later?  What does this mean for Kate and William’s kids?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Royal Family news and updates.

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  1. noellastober says

    I think if the duke and duchess have to step up to the plate they will do so no matter how difficult it will be If Elizabeth could run the country with children so can they. Yes it would be great if the kids were older but things are not always as we want them to be. They will do fine as they have been getting ready for this for some time. Hopefully Charles will beat the cancer and be King for a long time to come and all fears will then go away. There is so much that can happen. As far as the article states Kate does not want to be queen, that is just wrong and the press should be ashamed of themselves. They cannot tell the truth and always want to cause trouble. If it be the case that Kate does not want to be queen, let it come from her mouth to our ears, Until then the press should stop flapping their idiotic jaws

  2. Phyllis says

    I read all this news with a pinch of salt! Catherine has been incommunicado since her surgery and this sounds like supposition or just downright nonsense! With regard to Harry and his wife we would do well to disregard these speculation! We know the lies and innuendo that was generated from his wife! The stories of Harry coming home and finding her crying on the flour is her dramatics nonsense! What was wrong with crying sitting upright? Her lies are legendary! Her imagination less sophisticated, which nods to her soapbox work! No academy awards there! William will become King is the words of the late Queen” in the fullness of time”. Catherine is a hands n mother and there is no way she would hand her children into the complete care of palace staff! Come what may, Meghan would never be permitted to be with them unsupervised! The King has not been said to be terminally ill so it is all innuendo and supposition! I agree with the previous comments ! It is all about nothing!

  3. Giovina says

    Catherine and William will be great leaders when the time comes. Harry and megain will do ever to uproot the monarchy with their lies and this was a great publicity stunt visiting Charles in such haste. Megain cleared herself by letting Harry go freely to see his father what about thoughts of her father if she is so forgiving
    Harry has made ch to answer fir and what happens if he has lied to enter US. They have always used their royal connections for their gain now all things are beginning to unravel and the truth always prevails. Such a sad situation and l don’t think Harry should ever b trusted sure he felt sorry fir his dad but this was just for show. Such a pity things could’ve been so much better if megain was not so jealous greedy disrespectful immature selfish and had supported Harry in a loving way not jut a marriage for her gain unfortunately Harry was looking for live seeing his brother and father
    so happily family married and rushed into the waiting actress. So sad. Is the us doesn’t accept Harry and megain won’t go back to the uk maybe a divorce will complicate things much more unfortunately the truth always comes true
    This way s only my opinion

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