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Prince Harry’s ‘Tragic’ Behavior Called Out

All he wanted to do was pay his respects, but some people saw it much differently. There’s a new report that says Prince Harry’s quick visit to Windsor to visit Queen Elizabeth’s resting place on the first anniversary of her death did nothing more than “reinforce the rift” between himself and the rest of the royal family and particularly Prince William.

Now one royal expert says that Harry’s behavior can only be described as “truly tragic.” Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s ‘Tragic’ Behavior Called Out

Prince Harry arrived in the UK for only a few short days but his trip certainly did get a lot of attention. He was initially only supposed to be in London for the WellChild Awards but decided to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth at the very last minute.

Prince Harry’s ‘Tragic’ Behavior Called Out

This shocked many royal family members and especially Prince William and Kate Middleton as they had assumed that everyone was going to pay their respects privately.

Soon after Harry made his visit to Windsor, the Prince and Princess of Wales visited a church in Wales and laid white roses next to a photo of Queen Elizabeth.

Royal expert Jennie Bond says that Harry’s unexpected move is a further setback in the never-ending feud between him and the rest of the royals.

She told GB News, I’m glad he went, it would have been strange if we found out he hadn’t made any effort. It’s incredibly sad that he can’t be with his father or brother, and I would imagine his visit was very carefully choreographed to make sure he didn’t run into any other members of the Royal Family.”

Did Prince Harry Make A Huge Mistake?

She continued, “I’m glad he’s done it, but isn’t it sad? It reinforces this rift in the family. It’s incredible to think he would be in the UK and he doesn’t see Charles or William, but it’s becoming the status quo.”

Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter but at the same time it was noted that Harry did not meet with any of his family members during his quick trip to the UK.

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  1. Martha says

    Harry arranged for a picture to be taken upon his leaving the church. For someone that demands privacy he sure has taken to Markles publicity stunts. When Harry and Markle divorce I hope he let’s go of her publicity stunts. Sickening!!!

  2. Kathy campbell says

    It’s just very sad. As we all know things can happen and then you never have another chance with your loved ones it’s too late to say I’m sorry or even I love you or good by.

  3. Kathy says

    I think that’s terrible to see the royal family, and this feud going on between William Henry and King Charles. I think that the three of them should get together and talk about what’s really happening. Their lives are being torn apart. Who knows how much time any of them have left on this earth and how terrible it would be for something to happen to one of them with the feelings that they have against each other life is too short. No one knows what the future holds how long someone has or how short of time someone has and they should know that better than anyone. Why let this continue. It is totally up to the royal family how they wish to choose this. It’s not up to the British people it’s not up to the American people. Even though they’re royal, they still are a family. Seclusions are such evil word. I think it’s time that they all take a look at what is happening. It’s time for them to discuss and take action not for Britain but for their own families. How terrible is it that cousins don’t know each other well aunts uncles don’t necessarily nephews. I just think it’s ridiculous. Enough is enough are ready. Come on guys get it together.

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