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Prince Harry’s Upcoming Trip To The UK Confirmed – Meghan Markle Stays Back

It looks like Prince Harry is making yet another trip to the motherland without his wife, Meghan Markle. There’s a new report that says the Duke of Sussex is set to visit the UK as soon as next month and ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s death anniversary.

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Prince Harry’s Upcoming Trip To The UK Confirmed – Meghan Markle Stays Back

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Prince Harry will be stopping by Kensington Palace during his trip. Instead, he will be in London for the WellChild charity event, which he is co-hosting with Hello! Magazine.

The Duke of Sussex has attended the event for 15 years straight now as it looks like it’s something he wouldn’t miss for the world.

Prince Harry

Harry will be in London on September 7th and right before he heads off to Germany for the Invictus Games.

Page Six says that this will be a solo trip for Harry as his wife Meghan Markle will be staying home in California with the couple’s two young children, Archie and Lilibet.

And while Harry will be in the UK during the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be marking the occasion in any way or meeting with any of his family members for that matter.

Sources say that things are still very icy between him and his father, King Charles, and his brother, Prince William. In fact, there’s was some speculation that the Prince of Wales might have even stopped his father from even considering peace talks with Harry, as he doesn’t want his little brother anywhere near any of their family members.

Prince Harry Is Not Cutting Ties With The UK

So far Prince Harry hasn’t made any comments about his upcoming travel plans himself, but it’s safe to say that he might never cut ties with the UK seeing how he’s always drawn back to his home country for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Meghan Markle as it seems like she would rather keep her distance from anything that has to do with Britain or the British Royal Family for that matter.

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  1. Martha says

    Harry does need to go home. All he really knows is how to be a royal. He should go live in Africa. But I believe Markle isn’t liked that much! Until Harry divorces Markle, until he becomes his own man, he should not be anywhere around William, Catherine, and their children! It is just so “unknown” with Harry. I do believe he is so screwed up…gonna take a lot of therapy to get this man-child normal. As if that is even possible!!!

  2. Deborah says

    Since she wants nothing to do RF & Britian, it’s a same her mouth didn’t do the same.

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