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Prince William Can’t Control His Anger

They say that a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words and for this royal photo, someone must be screaming into it.

There’s a new report that suggests Prince William might be having a very hard time suppressing his anger as he looks like he wanted be anywhere but with his wife Kate Middleton, his father, King Charles, and Queen Camilla at the annual glittering Diplomatic Corps reception this week. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince William Can’t Control His Anger

According to a new report, body language expert Judi James says that the Prince of Wales looks like he’s trying to suppress his anger in his new photo with the rest of the royal family.

Prince William Can’t Control His Anger

That could be because of all the drama surrounding the royal family right now and Omid Scobie’s book, Endgame.

The Dutch translation of the book accidentally revealed two names of the royal family members who Meghan Markle had suggested might have been the ‘royal racists.’

In 2021, she told Oprah Winfrey that these two people had shown concerns about how dark her baby’s skin color would be.

Clearly, Prince William just can’t get over it as James says, “Facial expressions and especially eye expressions tend to be more revealing in terms of emotional states though and the expressions here do seem to be telling.

William and Kate suggest a degree of optimism and there is some humor in William’s expression although he does seem to have acquired a trait of slightly clenched teeth as he smiles since the recent book claims, hinting at inner tension or even anger.”

The Prince Of Wales Has ‘Suppressed’ Anger

She then continued, “The body poses and subtle angles here do confirm the idea of continuing unity. Charles and his eldest son stand side by side and their mirrored inward head tilts would signal aligned thinking and a sense of taking an agreed stance. Camilla and Kate are both close to their husbands, tucked in slightly behind Charles and William in another mirrored signal of support.”

So far the Prince of Wales himself has not responded to the report.

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