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Prince William Is Cracking Under Pressure For This Reason

Prince William Is Cracking Under Pressure For This ReasonNo one can blame him for feeling this way, but it looks like all the stress in his life is definitely taking a toll on him. It’s being heavily suggested on social media that Prince William may be cracking under pressure. And of course, there are several different reasons for it.

Royal Family News – Prince William Is Cracking Under Pressure For This Reason

As many royal fans are aware of, both King Charles and Kate Middleton are dealing with their cancer battles. With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of the picture, the only two senior members of the royal family who are not out of commission happen to be Prince William and King Charles’ wife, Queen Camilla.

Clearly, two people can’t run a monarchy on their own, yet that’s the position both William and Camilla are in right now.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Prince William?

And it’s a problem and dilemma that is keeping Prince William up late at night. For the Prince of Wales, he just doesn’t know how long he can go running on empty like this.

Both his father and his wife have cancer and he also has three small children that he has to worry about back at home. Not only that, but on some days he’s feeling all of the weight of his shoulders as the future king of England.

And because King Charles’ health is so uncertain right now and no one knows what is expected in his future, Prince William knows that he might become king sooner rather than later.

And he just doesn’t know if he’s ready for the job yet. Clearly, he hasn’t had as much on-the-job training as his father King Charles had, as he’s waited his entire life for the role.

If Prince William does crack under pressure, it’s going to be very hard for him to hide it. His face usually says what he is thinking at all times. So far Windsor Castle has not made any comments about the matter.

We will definitely update you with all the latest details once they come in.

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