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Royal Family News: These 3 Amazing & Powerful Women Helped Make Prince William “The Man He is Today”

British royal family news reveals that good things come in threes, a life lesson evident in the impact that three influential women have had in shaping Prince William’s stunningly successful life.

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton have all cheered him on, so how could William not be the best version of himself? Impossible! Here is a guide to how these brilliant women helped to make Prince William the man he is today.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, the Princess of Wales has “given William everything.” William and Kate have been married for 11 years and share three beautiful children, with their eldest Prince George set to follow in his father’s footsteps as monarch.

But their bond goes back more than 20 years “longer than William knew his own mother. And she has won not only his deep love but his respect.”

Royal Family News: These 3 Amazing & Powerful Women Helped Make Prince William “The Man He is Today”

She thinks that the commoner “has given William everything that was lacking in his own family life: a loving, deep partnership founded on friendship, passion, and mutual respect.”

Additionally, Kate’s parents Michael and Carole Middleton allow William to “be himself in a way he can do with only a very few others.”

Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth

Bond told OK! Magazine that the late Queen Elizabeth was another crucial influence on William’s character, noting that the duke recalled her being there for him “through the happiest and saddest times of his life” a reference to his official statement following her death in September 2022.

And, royal expert Robert Lacey has noted that “When William became a teenager she would have him at Windsor Castle and would open the state boxes and guide him through the papers. It was William’s constitutional education.”

Royal Family News: Princess Diana

The late Diana passed away at the age of 36 when William was 15 years old. His early life was shaped by her and Bond thinks that her influence can be seen “in the relaxed and informal way he interacts with people.”

Diana was instrumental in helping William to understand the plight of the homeless, and one of his biggest, most ambitious projects is the eradication of homeless in the UK in the next five years.

Last month when William discussed his plan to end U.K. homelessness, which includes housing on Duchy of Cornwall land, he made sure to mention that visits to homeless shelters with his mother “made a deep impression on him.” And there you have it, evidence that the power of love and support is everything.

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