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Queen Camilla Is About To Make Kate Middleton Look Really Bad Again

Queen Camilla is someone who knows how to get the job done and even when other members of the royal family are refusing to do it.

Apparently, the Queen of England is once again going to make Kate Middleton look bad as she is wasting no time getting back to work after her summer holidays.

The Princess of Wales, meanwhile, still seems to be on holiday mode. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla Is About To Make Kate Middleton Look Really Bad Again

There’s a new report that says Queen Camilla is returning to London for her first solo engagement of the summer.

She’s going to arrive back in the British capital on Tuesday by herself as King Charles will stay behind in Scotland. Camilla will be on hard for the Poetry Together recital and tea party in Ealing.

She will be joined by children and care home residents and will also help open a new library in the area.

For a lot of royal fans and critics alike, they think that Queen Camilla is setting a pace that Kate Middleton simply can’t keep up with.

That’s because she has so far taken on more royal engagements and public appearances than the Princess of Wales.

In fact, both Prince William and Kate Middleton are often regarded as two royal members who put in the least amount of work compared to other senior members of the royal family – and it definitely shows.

Kate Middleton Is Still In Holiday Mode

Kate Middleton meanwhile, seems to still be on holiday as there’s a very good chance that she won’t go back to work until her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George all return to school.

Many royal critics have pointed out that both Prince William and Kate Middleton often use their children’s school schedules as their excuse to get out of their work.

Well, if there’s one person who doesn’t have to worry about that, it’s most definitely Queen Camilla.

She will go out and will do what she has to do with no questions asked, making the future queen of England look pretty bad in the process.

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  1. Victoria Thomson says

    Oh my she must miss the tea parties and a library visit Kate however does have small children and she deserves credit for being a hands on mother She has never indicated that she would have these children as hers but someone else needs to raise them because she is just to busy ,give her credit where it’s due

    1. Ann says

      Carmela really needs to slow her roll. Charles needs to put her in her place. There was only one princess and that was Diana. The boys need to get back together because that is what their mother would have wanted. Carmela I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t recognize Carmela as a queen

      1. LTobler says

        ABSOLUTELY! SO correct on both comments about Kate being a hands on mother and a LOT of people DON’T see Camilla as a Queen! And yes, Di WAS the only princess that truthfully seemed to care & enjoy all the charity work. She was seen everywhere, even when the other royalty were not there helping! A lady to look up to

      2. Norma C. says

        She will never be Queen. You can call her what you want but she’s just a dried up old prune and she and Chuckie are fine together. Hide them somewhere in the palace and don’t let them out. I don’t know why she hates so much but I would think jealousy. Young – Old, Beautiful – Ugly, Awesome mom – nothing.

        1. Janice Baker says

          So funny. I don’t recognize Camilla as any thing. She is not the epitome of a queen. I guess I just don’t like her.

      3. Carol kell says

        Camilla is no Queen she’s the one who’s had an affair with a married man she’s an old woman who thanks Queen means something, there’s only one PRINCESS AND THAT IS DIANA AND and always will be.

        1. Sally says

          Well said Carol. Kate is amazing. I wish Camilla would just got to some castle and stay there!!-!

        2. Janice Baker says

          Let’s give Kate credit for something. To me she is a princesses princess. I admire her greatly.

      4. abl says

        It’s “Camilla!”

    2. Marci says

      Agreed❤️. William and Kate are raising these children not only hands on but with lots of love and their attention. These children are being raised knowing how much they mean to their parents will never feel they were second to them. Why is this an issue ????

    3. Ella says

      Thank you for saying that. Catherine is amazing. She is a hands on Mom plus the future Queen. I do believe William and Catherine when they do become King and Queen Consort, this will be the beginning of a new modern monarchy.
      They are hands on parents and caring leaders.
      Camile on the other hand has only her duties as Queen Consort to worry about. She should grow up and set a positive example for future generations and be thankful for W and C.

    4. Sherie Lewis says

      So true-Catherine puts her family first and that’s the right thing to do.

  2. Regina says

    Kate sees herself as a mother first and a duchess second and there is nothing wrong with that in fact she should be admired and applauded for it she still puts in her engagements just as her husband does but they don’t want everyone else raising their children and I think they should keep going the way they are because things are going to change as the kids get older

  3. Joseph says

    Lmfao Camilla reps to steal the queens everything changing succession. I bet you Catherines work details out weigh camillas by far she is far most a parent first pta Camilla make Catherine look bad. Not a chance.All Catherine publishes is child welfare why try break a happy family is all.

  4. Joy cogossi says

    I think that Kate does A fantastic. Job
    In all her rolls.and. Her and William seem
    Devoted to each other.
    Above all. She a devoted and loving mother.
    I think queen camellia. Can not. Make her look bad at all

  5. Vivianklintworth says

    It’s awesome that they are doing what is right for their children. The children are at a formidable age and family life is important right now!!!!!!!!

  6. Sharon says

    Camilla stop being a jackals. YOU are just so jealous of Kate you can’t stand it. It wasn’t long ago you were complaining about being so tired of some of your duties. Kate can do more than you because she is given a lot more on her plate with receiving new names and duties to those jobs. Get a life and STOP TRYING TO KEEP KATE IN YOUR UGLY HEART. Now that you are Queen Consort you think you are the King instead of his wife and tries to run everybody else who has busted their butts to keep the Monarchy going because you are not. Go have some tea because that’s all your worth doing.

    1. Norma C. says

      When Chuckie married her she was given the title of queen. The consort was dropped.

      1. Linda says

        I bet Prince Phillip is spinning in his grave thinking about her title, he wasn’t allowed to have.

    2. Janice Baker says
  7. Stacey says

    What a ridiculous analogy. Camilla would rather be back to work as she probably doesn’t want to be locked up with Charles for the rest of the summer. Kate has 3 small children and would rather raise them and let them have a proper vacation. What a bunch of rubbish.

  8. Debbie says

    I agree with the Princess that her family comes first. The Queen doesn’t have any children at home so she can easily schedule herself for a lot of engagements. Princess Kate’s first responsibility is to raise those precious children that God has blessed her and Prince William with. There will come a time when Princess Kate will be available more and then she can schedule herself to handle more engagements.

    1. Gertrude says

      Absolutely correct! Catherine’s first responsibility is her children and her family.

  9. K says

    Camilla has no child responsibilities. With her past, she has to work hard now to try and compensate.
    William and Kate realize they have the future royals to care for and train for the next generation.

  10. Sonia says

    They have small children, nothing wrong with staying away until they return to school. The Queen doesn’t have small children, so she can go to work if she wants. What is important the work or your children.

  11. Brenda says

    From day one.I have said that Camilla would use Kate to get rid of Megan and Harry then when Kate believed Camilla was on her side she would be able to do anything with Camillas blessings lol WRONG! Now Camilla is going after Kate and she will win! All Camilla wants is Charles boys out so her children will be in. After all she has already got Charles to g8ve her kids royal titles as Representives of the crown

    1. Florence says

      That’s not the way it works. Camilla’s kids are not in the line of succession.

    2. Babs says

      Camilla has a child. He is a grown man, whom she wants nothing to do with. She had him out of wedlock. She was married, before. I think that she might of had a child or two to him. She probably has no ties to them either. You are right children come first. And if Queen Cow can’t understand that then she has a problem.

  12. Jamie says

    There’s absolutely nothing Camilla could do to make Kate look bad. The old hag needs to look in the mirror. She’s not Queen and never will be but Kate will…

  13. Sandy says

    Camilla is jealous of Kate and will use anything to make Kate look bad. However she should be trying to erase her home wrecker image!!

  14. Mary says

    Camilla will always be a MISTRESS.
    She isn’t QUEEN material at all.
    JUDGEMENT DAY will find her and Charles
    answering to GOD for INFIDELITY.

    1. Mary says

      She is not a Queen just a another whore of Charles the only queen was Princess Diana all the the people from the other side of the pond are always after Meghan give it a break she isn’t a mistress and whore she can hang with snippy Kate who was a nobody

  15. Janie says

    Camilla doesn’t have anything else to do. I would be eager to get away from fuddy duddy Charles too if given the chance!
    I’m sure Catherine isn’t worried about Camilla making her look bad! The press needs to stop trying to make problems were none exist.

  16. Valarie Magnus says

    I think that raising children far outshines being a consort queen. But than again Charles is still a child somewhat.
    Raising the future King is not easy. I know they have Nannie’s. But the Nannie’s need a vacation also. So all things considered The Princess is given Ten stars above the Consort Queen. Let Katherine have her “least” amount of work and yet she is doing twice the amount!!!

  17. Donna says

    I believe that the Queen is setting up Princess Kate so that the Queen can say her children could replace her and they could be employed by the Royals! I believe that Prince William and Princess Kate are doing what’s right for their Family and their Country! King Charles needs to put his foot down on the Queen!

    1. Norma C. says

      Hopefully he puts his foot down right right on her neck and keeps it there for awhile. LOL

  18. A. Burrell says

    Oh let the Consort play. She doesn’t have Kate’s style, flair, poise, or children to care for. The children are not an excuse, they are a responsibility and I applaud that they are not left at the complete attention of a nanny, with a mother who only peeps in the door once a day.
    Camilla destroyed a marriage because she couldn’t have what she wanted. Poor baby. Now she has it, let her play for whatever years she has left.
    Maybe it’s just because my first husband did me much the same way, but, if it had been up to me, Elizabeth would have had Charles step aside and have him take Camilla on ambassadorial trips.

  19. Sandy F says

    Camilla has no young children to raise; let alone a future king to raise. She has more time for royal duties. And after all she is the queen! The Princess of Wales’ time will come and she’ll do just fine.

  20. Mary says

    I’m sorry but the queen bee doesn’t have 3 children plus a husband to take care of. Any woman with kids and a job knows it’s a jugging act. When they kids are in school she makes appearances were she needs to. It’s more important to make sure those kids have a happy secure upbringing so they don’t end up like harry. Kate does a wonderful job in all her duties and is a loving mom. Queenside only has herself so she has more free time. Kate will be a wonderful queen someday and she does the monarchy proud always

  21. Rea says

    These magazines love igniting fires where they’re no fuel. Catherine has more than proves herself and her children are at a very crucial stage as their characters are developing, especially with them doing more and more service appearances with their parents. They are basically learning the ropes for the future while being allowed to have as normal a childhood as possible. Their parents are doing a magnificent jobs being hands on while still doing their Royal duties. They need their breaks and fun time just like everyone else.

  22. Jane says

    I believe Kate and William set up ahead of their marriage that any children would come first… PERIOD!!
    And wonderful children they are raising, too. They are doing it right. The children will most likely turn out to be loyal and dutiful heirs and citizens that Britain can be proud of… Unlike PH and MM. Once their children are raised they will probably put in more time. In door of it, no one can criticize W and K for lack of hard work. Raising 3 kids and helping hold up a slimmed down monarchy is more than 2 full time jobs. Quit being cranky people, and appreciate what they are doing so well for the United Kingdom. If you want to complain, their it towards the dynamic duo who ran away at M’s suggestion because as everyone understands there can only be ONE heir to the throne and it goes to whomever is born first… Which happens to be William. No one has thrown Harry to the side because they don’t like him or think he would do a good job… anyone who understands a monarchy (including Harry who understands all the dynamics of royalty) knows only one person can ascend to the throne and it will be the eldest. Doesn’t matter who is liked best… Although Harry and Meghan are doing their farm best to make William and Kate be liked the best…William will ascend because he was born first. Been like that for over a thousand years. What is it M and H don’t seem to get? They are either being willfully ignorant or their IQ’s are not such as could handle being monarchs. They are selfish and spoiled people, and selfish and spoiled people do not make good rulers. They make tyrants who run over others… Royal or commoner. M would love to run over W and K and their kids and has verbally threatened to bring about the Wales’ family’s demise. If anything ever happens to the Wales family before their time someone needs to look where the threat has come from. I hope if guilt points toward Harry and wife, they are imprisoned for remainder of their lives with no reprieve ever!!!

  23. Cathie says

    I think Camella doesn’t deserve to be called Queen and all she does is try to make trouble for Kate. Kate works very hard and is a wonderful Mother who deserves to be praised more by the King.
    Both King Charles and Carmella should appreciate Kate and William a great deal more. They both do a great deal for the Royal Family.

    1. Melody says

      That is right. She should not be Queen! Kate’s children are more important than the other woman. For that matter Charles should not be King.

  24. Crystal says

    Stay on Vacation Kate lol Go on Camilla I haven’t seen you in the notifications enough so go on with yourself. Little work won’t hurt you especially when I’m seeing William and Kate run circles around ya. If any of this crap is so Celebrating The Soaps find worthy news like the celebrities who got so much money doing nothing but themselves this is so wrong on many levels to be paid like they r as though they are GOD to be praised foolish IDOLS wow Do Great Things with that kind of money you have enough to live we’ll be the one who leaves this world like Mandela make it count stop looking fake to us be real have morales

  25. Jill Hopkins says

    What utter rubbish you write.Catherine and William have been to several commitments since their summer break .Camilla has done virtually nothing – yes she is old and although she always wanted Charles I don’t think she really relished becoming Queen or rather Queen Consort ,as it should be.Life was so cosy before.William and Catherine are bringing up three children and doing a much better job of it than has been done in the past – they come across as a delightful,very normal family and I cannot admire them more for the way they all interact.Just leave them alone and let them continue to modernise the monarchy as they are doing so well now.

  26. Elaine Defelice says

    This whole lifestyle of the queens, princesses, kings and Princes is hogwash.
    “Many royal critics have pointed out that both Prince William and Kate Middleton often use their children’s school schedules as their excuse to get out of their work.”
    Oh God, Camilla has to come home from Scotland by herself. Then, listen to poetry, then eat. Then, she will open a library. OMG – this what the Brits think is a hard day? You are sniveling twits. What kind of a workday do the other citizens of the UK have?, the USA, Canada, the entire rest of the world. For God’s sake get ahold of yourself and come out of that lofty existence you live. Join the real life.
    That approach should have been used by with Prince Charles as a kid.

    Well, if there’s one person who doesn’t have to worry about that, it’s most definitely Queen Camilla.

    She will go out and will do what she has to do with no questions asked, making the future queen of England look pretty bad in the process.

  27. Linda says

    Camilia needs to worry about herself. Kate and William Re doing a great job. Charles should never of been king because he married a divorced woman. William ND Kate should of been king an Queen. Megan never intended to stay in the UK. She just wanted to be royalty. She had Harry leave and now she is wanting a divorce and complete control of kids.

  28. Abl says

    What title – “King?” Philip could never have that one. King outranks Queen and Elizabeth was the Monarch. At least she insisted he be titled “Prince” Philip.

  29. Laurie says

    Camilla craved the job no matter what, and Charles was cut from the same cloth as his uncle David. They both have exactly what they wanted. And as she is queen, and Charles wants to cut back the working-royal numbers, let Camilla (I’m still not calling her the title) pick up the slack!
    Kate & William have kids home, if they send George to boarding school that’s in the wings—there’sa reason Royal families have so many issues and not maintaining their nuclear family is part of it, traditions aren’t always wise!! Parents should (almost always) be the ones raising kids, not schools, not even devoted nannies.

  30. Brenda says

    Camilla is no fool, she got Kate to go after.meg causeing trouble with Harry and Willie boy. Now it is Kate’s turn Camilla wil in her own way get rid of kate and Willie boy, then he children and grands will be front and center as she wants. She has already got Charles to give her adult children. A title of Representives of the crown. I honestly feel the Brits are getting tired of the better than you commoners and in the near future they will demand a government by the people for the people!

  31. Elfriede says

    What do they expect from Kate? She has 3 young children to raise away from the limelight. She is doing a great job in that department. As far as Camilla is concerned she knows she can not come even close to Kate when it comes to personality and looks. I hope Princrs Kate will not allow herself to be dragged down to Cammillas ugliness

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