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Queen Camilla Is Rubbing Kate Middleton’s Nose In The Dirt?

You’d think that as two of the most senior female members of the royal family, they would make the effort to get along, but it seems like that hasn’t been the case between Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton.

In fact, there’s a new report that says the Queen of England is rubbing Kate’s nose in dirt and for this reason, too. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Camilla Parker-Bowles Is Rubbing Kate Middleton’s Nose In The Dirt?

According to the latest edition of The Globe, it seems like Camilla is playing a cruel game with Prince William and Kate Middleton. That’s because she might have deliberately invited the Prince of Wales’ reported mistress Rose Hanbury to King Charles’ Coronation in just a few short weeks. This is certainly going to make things very awkward between Rose, William and Kate.

One source close to the situation put it this way, “Cruel Camilla went for the jugular in her power struggle with Kate. She demanded Rose Hanbury, the woman who just four years ago was said to have a sizzling affair with Prince William, to be invited to the Coronation.”

Queen Camilla Is Rubbing Kate Middleton’s Nose In The Dirt?

The tipster added, “And to make it worse, she insisted Rose’s son Oliver be one of King Charles’ pages – alongside Kate’s son Prince George! Putting Rose front and center on the guest list was like plunging a dagger into poor Kate’s heart and twisting it.

I’m told Kate collapses in a flood of tears when she learned she’d be facing the beauty branded the other woman in her husband’s life on the royals’ biggest day!”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For William And Kate?

And even though Prince William had denied the affair, it seems like the damage has been done nevertheless. Yet, it seems like Camilla is hellbent in trying to make Kate Middleton still feel awful about it all.

The insider said, “It’s stunning Camilla would reopen those heartbreaking old wounds just to get revenge. I’m told she was retaliating not only against Kate, but also William, who objected to her plan to give her grown children official roles in the historic coronation.”

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  1. Victoria Thomson says

    Camilla is and always has been a conniving witch To be queen was the most important thing to her all her life
    Even do far as to ruin Diana’s life and now wants to ruin Kate’s because she thinks she has all the power.The King is so blinded by love for her that she gets whatever she wants and it’s all because of jealous toward Diana and Kate but she will never come close to being in the same class and the two. maybe she will be so stressed about the cora Nation that she will do her normal thing and get sloppy drunk on that day then the King might see her for what she is

    1. Candy Cookes says

      Funny I was thinking Camilla was a witch and the person said she was. I don’t care for her as she went after Diana’s husband. And now what she is doing to Kate & William! She’s a terrible person,!

      1. Joy says

        It’s funny no one in the UK didn’t bother to bring this to fruition when KC was cheating on Princess Diana. But RF did everything to cover up his adultery. I hope she brings him down.

    2. Sandra says

      I could not agree more ! camilla looked terrible all day ! I saw so much of Diana in Catherine ! She was Beautiful !

      1. Marie D Whittington says

        There ain’t a dang thing that shows that Diana and kate are even close in the way they act and and their nature. Kate will never the near as good as Diana was. Kate is conniving and thank and that makes me sick. no wonder William is having a mistress to take care of all of his needs. Because he does not like a woman that looks so anorexic.
        Also, I wish they would open up the investigation into Diana’s death again. Because according to the redoing of the accident, there was no way that her car would have hit that wall.

    3. Crystal says

      Kate your the Queen of The Worlds Hearts so no need to worry Meghan and Camilla will never hold a candle to you nor Rose lol…. William picked a real winner and he knows this and possibly whomever writes this crap that none of this is so and will stop stirring the pot because it’s awfully sad to make money with lies.

    4. Kathy Stout says

      I never have liked that woman! You can see how evil she is in her eyes. King Charles needs to finally open his eyes as to what kind of woman she is!

  2. km says

    William needs to grow up and get over himself and get a handle on how people are being treated in the royal family. Camilla tried to ruin Diana’s life and now she’s going to try to ruin Kates life because she’s not getting her way. I can’t believe Prince William would sit back and let Camilla, of all people, be inconsiderate to Kate, HIS WIFE, especially since she was inconsiderate, in many ways, to his mother when she was living. William should be LOYAL to his Mother and especially to his wife, Kate. JMO

    1. Joy says

      The apple don’t fall far from the tree, William is like father. Let’s see how much dirt will be covered up because of KC’s evil mistress/wife doings. Adultery Queen Consort, shame on UK.

    2. Maureen Drane says

      Camilla did ruin Diana.She waß prettier and classier than Camilla.2ill is blinded by his own desires and he threw Harry under the bus
      Letß see what happens when The Castle goes do2n for 5he CountCha4les is not all that.

    3. Maureen Drane says

      I àgrree William left daddy and has to stànd for his wife.He is out of order.It is sad. At least Megan loved Harry enough to make him see the evil.This will bite Charles and Camilla on their butts.Diana was one smart woman.How are both boys going to fe3l when they find out Pop Pop Phillip and queen Elizabeth and daddy were responsible for their Mom’s death

    4. Brenda says

      Sad that William does not have the m9xie his brother Harry has!. Harry wanted nothing to do with Camilla after the pain he saw she caused his mom. But ol willi boy dies not want to rock the boat after all if he is a good boy maybe daddy will step back and let him play king!

  3. Sandy says

    I don’t think King Charles is blinded by love, more like fear. She has always run roughshod over him, telling him what to do and think. She had one goal and that was to be Queen. Nothing and nobody was going to stand in her way.

  4. Tammy says


  5. Tammy says


    1. Cheryl M. says

      Prince Charles should grow some kahunas and put a stop to Camilla’s conniving actions!! Same goes for Prince William!

    2. Pat Newmans says

      I agree with you 100% about Kate and I have always said that Chamilla is a snake in the grass and she wantes the Crown to move her family in and Charles’s out.mark my words.
      And i hope i live long enough to see Charles put a foot in Camilla butt and kick her out.
      You all talk about the way Harry feels about Meghan well look at the way Chales follows C
      Camilla around.

  6. Bennett says

    I think Camilla is turning if not already turned into Meghan. She keeps it up and the public will turn on her as well. Thought all she did was over and done with but the entire time of plans for Cornation has had too many of her finger prints on and in it. Do hope Charles opens his eyes very soon. Maybe he will put his foot down.

    1. Brenda says

      You are of course joking!!. Camilla destroyed Diana, she has had Charles in her clutches for years just waiting for the right time. Now she is trying to destroy Kate as she did Diana but the difference is where Di did not have enough self worth princes Kate has more than enough moxie I believe Camilla has met her match.

  7. GALA says

    William is just like his Father Charles, an adultress. I don’t respect either of them. Charles had and William both beautiful wives, what do they see in theirs mistresses? Shame on you King Charles and Prince William. Harry should be the next in line to be king and not William.

    1. Liz Penprase says

      Megalier made the rumer up and the Sugars spread it world wide, it has been proved.
      William never had an affair.
      Camilla is an ugly old woman

      1. Maureen Drane says

        Diana put Camilla to shame.Beauty brains elegance and a smile that warms everyones heart.Camilla a smoker and stinkß of cigarettes,Plàin Nasty

    2. Liz Penprase says

      Megalier made the rumer up and the Sugars spread it world wide, it has been proved.
      William never had an affair.
      Camilla should never be queen

      1. Brenda says

        Megan is not what some in the royal family try to make her out to be. If she was Harry would never be with her. Harry is a smart man he knows phoney when he sees them. Camilla wants Harry to stay away because she told him how she would marry his father one day that and he blames her for his mom’s death..Harry picked an intelligent woman one who was not impressed by royalty but rather impressed by his work his want to help others just as she was and is. But when Harry married there were those in the castle by order made up crap on Meg and fed it to the tabloids. For once in his grown up life Harry thru Megan and there children has found true joy and live.

    3. Jacqueline Reynolds says


    4. Mary says

      Please explain how an adultress can be a man?

    5. Sharon says

      I fully agree

    6. Brenda says

      You do realize having lovers on the side is expected of kings, that goes back for years and wives are to smile and accept it.

  8. Kay says

    Charles needs to step in and draw the line. This is HIS family and monarchy Camilla is defacing. Camilla needs to step back before she is shoved out.

  9. Dottie Norton says

    Camilla is a heartless shrew. She is so hateful towards Catherine’s and Prince William. She can’t stand that her kids can have no titles. Wake up King Charles before you loose another son.

    1. Maureen Drane says

      I pray he does wake up Dottie.pif I remember correctly at one time both boys were against Daddyarrying that screw.

  10. Paula says

    Have never been able to stand this evil woman who destroyed Diana and all that she stood for. No wonder Diana’s sons don’t like her!

  11. Paula says

    What a conniving BITCH! SHE has absolutely no class.Never has and never will

  12. Gloria Y says

    I don’t care if Camilla wears a Crown, or Queen, She’s still
    SLOPPY SECONDS!!…Will always be labeled a HOME WREAKER!!..

    1. Connie Coburn says

      I said it once and will say it again, Camilla is a troublemaker and will always be one. I don’t care for Charles that much either I think he’ll bring the Monarchy down and with the so called Queen will be the cause of it. He doesn’t have any common sense to realize it. Why would he want to be with her when he had Princess Diana he went from a Very Beautiful young woman to an old busy body. Her kids should have no titles at all. The people really didn’t want her but they had no choice in the matter. Charles better wake up before she ruins it him. I can take Prince Charles but, Camilla doesn’t make the grade. I’m not sorry for what I said. She shouldn’t of been Queen, and causing trouble with Prince William and Princess Kate is on call for. But , Hopefully people will catch on to her before she causes any more trouble.

      1. Brenda says

        Brenda ly agree, have from day one said Camilla will be the demise of the monarchy!!! Many people in England do not want to support royals and not have a say in how their government is run.

  13. Candy says

    Oh my. No need to worry. KING CHARLES III will hand over reign to Prince William at end of three years. Health issues and overwhelming stress will mandate his abdication for a much younger vibrant monarch. All for the good of the ROYAL FAMILY.

  14. Viv says

    Camilla is an ugly sl ty old hag Kate is beautiful and classy

  15. Shirley says

    I thoroughly agree with Sandy in previous message. Camila’s sins will find her out, who is she to talk about affairs. She ruined the life of a beautiful queen and her two sons with her own sins and sinful living. Stand firm Princess Kate, hold your head high, the world lives you!!

  16. Shirley says

    I thoroughly agree with Sandy in previous message. Camila’s sins will find her out, who is she to talk about affairs. She ruined the life of a beautiful queen and her two sons with her own sins and sinful living. Stand firm Princess Kate, hold your head high, the world loves you!!!

  17. Bridget says

    What a mean spiteful person ” consort queen”. Never the true queen Camella !!!! Kate is and always will be more of a queen than camella!!!!

  18. Brenda says

    I’ll never understand how King Charles III could ditch someone as beautiful as Diana for someone as homely as Camilla.

  19. Doreen ryan says

    Camilla should never get a title the witch should never be the royal family shes nothing but a trouble maker

  20. CC says

    As far as I’m concerned Camilla was responsible for Diana’s death and it is totally disgusting that she is actually going to be the Queen Consort. I have always been a very forgiving person, however, I can’t find it in my heart to forgive her or Charles. May 6 is going to be a very sad day for the United Kingdom as far as I’m concerned. One would think that the King and Queen of England would be very respectful, honest and beloved people, but in this case neither of them are. I can’t wait for the day that William and Kate take over. I hope and pray that it happens in my lifetime.



  22. ShanLee says

    Whether or not this is true (because most of the time it is not) as a Team Sussex member, I am thrilled that the paps have set their sites on the Cambridges and Cowmilla. I think Meghan staying away from anything Windsor is smart. They are running out of things to write about her given the material isn’t there to use against her.

    1. Liz Penprase says

      How much does Megalier pay you team Sussex?

  23. Marsha says

    Camilla is less than, lacking in so very many things and it gets worse as she ages. Put a crown on her it does not change who she is.
    She has little value, it is how she has lived you can’t go back and fix or change. Immoral with little or no ethics no wonder she drinks.

  24. Liz Penprase says

    Never liked Camilla. She sure slept her way around, just like Megalier.
    Now she thinks she can control everything she should not be Queen only Queen Consult.
    She looks like an old hag.
    Sorry but that’s my opinion

    Wish William and Catherine could be King and Queen instead

  25. skunk lover says

    camilla is a hateful, coniving b**ch!!!! charles needs to step up and put on his big boy pants and put her in her rightful place, lower than kate!!!!!

    1. Eh says

      If they are worried about the monarchy now, give “Crella” a month or two and see how the 70 yrs Charles waited to be king will be affected. He may love her, but, Noone else does. Respect is out the window.
      And, if the reason Harry was not allowed on the balcony was “working royals only”, what are her children doing there?

  26. Betty Upchurch says

    Camilla is not someone of royal anything. She is a bad person. She is a snake and only loves herself. Hurts others and continues to do so.. Kate needs to stand up to the sick witch.

  27. Brenda says

    I have said from day one 5hat Camilla will be the end, the downfall of the monarchy! Camilla is a fool if she thinks.the English would ever accept her as their queen. I believe he demanding Charles crown her as queen rather than queen consort she.believes Charles will either have to step back or possibly pass and she will fill the spot as Queen and ruller if England, look. How her kids and grands who royal blood ate not royal workers BUT they are on the balcony yet Charles own son us not allowed with the excuse only working Royals are allowed! If I was Harry I would not even attend his so called fathers coronation. After all zharry never.was accepted or treated as a son to charles!

  28. Sharron Meincke says

    I just don’t understand how she can believe she can be crowded a Queen. She is a divorcee, a adulter and a all around mean person. Look, what she did Princess Diana life! She is out for herself and only her, she will be downfall of the monarchy!!! Is there no way to stop her before she has taken over?? Prince William and Princess Kate would be a much better King and Queen !!!!! Didn’t Charles uncle have to give up the Crown so he could marry a divorcee. NOW Charles is not only a divorcee but an adulter and now he is going to be King with her as Queen. I feel sorry for England!!

    1. Joyce Cothey says

      This is such a repeat of Charles and Diane’s relationship. The monarch should not allow two people who were adulterated as King and Queen.

  29. Elsie Perone says

    King Charles is whipped by this old lady who broke his marriage now wanting to break William and Kate’s hope she doesn’t ever win and I hope they fix her for what she is trying to do! Shame on Camilla she should be ashamed of herself!

  30. Jill Smith says

    If Charles had any decency in his little finger, he would have stepped aside & handed the Crown to William & Kate.
    I will never forget watching Charles in an interview say that he had every intention of being King since it was his birthright. That shows you how conceited & selfish a man he really is.
    Neither of them have any morals. The pair of them must be having a good laugh about how she is going to be called Queen now even tho she broke up a marriage.
    Yes, Princess Diana was not perfect, but she loved Charles & went into the marriage faithful & in love unlike Charles. If it wasn’t for this pair of low-life’s, Diana would still be alive. She strayed because he showed her zero affection. Those two disgust me & I am surprised the Church are supporting adultery, let alone a Coronation for Pete’s sake! I think since HM the Queen died, it has all gone to Camilla’s head & she needs to back off.

    1. E. says

      Witchy, witchy! I also do not understand if the qualification for being on the balcony was to be “a working royal” has kept Harry off the balcony balcony, allows Camilla’s children , etc. to be allowed there? Answer?

    2. Crystal says


  31. Louise says

    One thing Charles will only be king for a few years and William takes over. That is what Queen Elizabeth stipulated. Then old ugly Camela will be out.

  32. Maureen E Wrightsman says

    Camilla is England’s most well-known woman who committed adultery. How any country can honor and respect her is beyond belief. She is an embarrassment.

    1. Dottie Norton says

      Love this thank you for saying it

  33. margaret maez says

    She has no respect no values no morels she looks dreadful ,,,,,,,
    and has an alternate agenda i hope someone sees this before it’s to late…how many people have to die ☠️or leave for anyone to see the evil lerking around the bend…long live the king and in this case get ride of that so called wanna be bitch ()

  34. Pat Newmans says

    I want to know if Charles steps down or passes away what happens to the witch?

  35. Gardenhire says

    Kate walk with your head held high,No one likes that witch,you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone,same with Prince Harry,

  36. Mary says

    Queen whore hurting Diana and her kids and now look UK think it’s OK to breakup a marriage and cheat with the husband you reap what sow talk about you hating Megan you are the worst got your wish! You have been a divorced women then a mistress Yuck

  37. Gail says

    Cowmilla will never be as classy as princess Katherine. I cannot understand why she was even crowned queen or Charles king! They are both adulterers! And it pisses me off that her kids were allowed on the balcony and not harry. Her kids are not even working royals. I absolutely feel that “chuckles and cowmilla” are anything but worthy to be king and queen.

  38. Jan says

    All of the above thoughts and opinions are spot on! They are both adulterous people. Charles was jealous of Diana. Big time!! So was the “Cow”. Maybe you all might see just what Harry and Megan went through. The cow is intentionally cruel. Makes no difference which couple gets it William’s or Harry’s. Agree with you all about Harry not allowed on the balcony, but William may have had something to do with it. Possibly…..

  39. Robin says

    Camila is a witch. A very very horrible cruel hateful person. She doesn’t deserve to be Queen and King Charles is just as bad. He could put a stop to it, but as you can see he doesn’t seem to care

  40. Teresa says

    I personally think they’ve all done Harry wrong he loves his wife and stands up for her and I don’t k own about the rest of yall but I would expect my husband to do the same. And yall have seen the way they all treat each other I’d say Harry and Megan didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell until moving to the us.As far S Camilla is concerned she will likely bring down the monarchy and she did kill Diana her and Charles together did it. All you can do is pray for them all

  41. Joyce says

    As I said before they both need to be run out of the country. Both are ugly inside and out

  42. Neeners63 says

    How does she get to be queen when she was Charles mistress? Wasn’t it true that Queen Elizabeth uncle couldn’t be King because he wanted to marry a woman who was divorce and American? But it’s okay for the next in line for the throne to marry his mistress and make her a queen once he’s King? Confusing?

  43. Norma C. says

    The royal family – that sounds so Fairy Tale. – ish. The Royal family should dismantle the whole thing. King Chuckie is already old and sickly. I will never call Camilla Queen. She is not the queen. She only thinks she is. Only because Chuckie had a lot of talking to do in order for her to even get that title. She is a Queen Consort, whatever that really means. Wife of King I guess.

    Other than Kate and William the rest of them should just slink away. None of them want to live in Buckingham Castle. It has so many rooms and all decorated in old expensive furniture. It would be a good place to film a horror movie. Now Chuckie and Camilla want to run Andrew & Fergie out of the house where they are living to take that one for themselves. It’s all such a colossal waste of money and it should stop.

  44. Sharon says

    Kate is pissed off with Camilla because each family was allowed so many for the coronation. The count was five however Camilla had 20 people whom she invited but Kate and William only had 5. I would be made too. It’s what ever Camilla wants that what she gets. Princess Anne told Camilla that she was only Queen Consort and not Queen. I think that is another reason none of King Charles family did not bow to her which pissed her off. How dare anyone say Harry is better than Wiiliam. He is not out downgrading the monarchy. Harry just said he is not done with the family yet because their is more to come. He and Megan totally lied about the car chase in NYC, been there and you can be chased for 2 hours with the traffic there. He just trying to trough another pity party. I don’t understand why he was a hotel room just for himself near his home, I think when Megan throws her tantrums that’s where he goes. Princess Kate will show be the real Queen. It will be interesting to see is Camilla will bow to her. King Charles loves Princess Kate. Camilla gets on Charles’s nerves, that’s why he went on vacation by myself because she has been complaining constantly. Time will tell but I don’t think Charles will be able to take here long consistently bitching at him. His health can’t take it.

  45. Star Archer says

    I have never liked or respected Cowmilla. Or Chuckles either. I have learned some things reading these posts. Did not know about Cowmilla’s kids and grands got to sit in the balcony for working royals only. To make that right, they should all have to go on weekends and work around the houses. Picking up trash, polishing furniture, doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms etc. That will correct Cowmillas rude ignoring the working royals only rule. She has always been a smug entitled witch. She got her queenie crown- looked awful in it, both crowns looked like old beat up thrift store clearance stock. Nobody in UK could fix them up to look better? It made her look bad with what she did to Kate. It was finally her queen day, but she is being scheming and cruel? Unbelievable!

  46. Uppyduppyyours says

    Camellia is nothing more than a guttersnipe.

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