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Royal Family News: King Charles In Charge, Harry On A Mission To Destroy Him?

British royal family news reveals that King Charles waited nearly ¾ of a century to become monarch. How will he be remembered? Even before his official coronation on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, Charles has shown himself to be a man on a mission.

To this end he has met with religious leaders across the country, booted his shiftless son Harry out of royal lodging, had an overseas state visit, and opened the royal archives to researchers investigating the monarchy’s links to slavery.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said “We are already surprised by the Prince Charles who was turned into King Charles and who we still call Prince Charles, because that’s how we think of him. But, actually, he’s become a monarch quicker than people expected.”

Royal Family News – Charles In Charge

Charles’ reign has not been hiccup free: there was his early clash with royal fountain pens and his ongoing beef with Harry the Horrible.

Royal Family News: King Charles In Charge, Harry On A Mission To Destroy Him?

But some see the king’s public emotion as a welcome balance to the late Queen Elizabeth’s stoicism, including Charles fighting back tears when he addressed the nation after his mother’s death.

In contrast to the queen’s cool but efficient decorum “King Charles sat on the floor with the congregation during a visit to a gurdwara, or Sikh house of worship, in Luton.” And according to AP News “On his first state visit, he displayed an ability to properly roll his R’s while flipping between German and English in a speech to the Bundestag, the German parliament,” impressing Germans and Brits alike.

Royal Family News – Charles Speaks German

But there is one person on the planet who is not impressed with the king, and that is his son the royal runaway, Harry. Harry has been a one man wrecking crew, ranting against his father and the monarchy in gigs with Oprah Winfrey, a Netflix reality show and his XXX rated memoir, Spare.

In the book Charles is portrayed as a cold father and the royal family as being unwelcoming to his wife Meghan.

Royal Family News – Harry is Going to Coronation

Charles turns 75 in November. Royal historian Hugo Vickers notes that “It’s a big thing to take on at that age. So, yes, I suspect he’s a man in a hurry.” In contrast his mother became monarch at age 25. How will Charles’ reign be remembered? It’s a story that is still being written, but thus far he has checked off all the boxes.

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  1. Tami Lopez says

    Harry needs to shut his lying mouth or tell the truth. If his family is so horrible, why is he going to the coronation?? Saying the Royal family is racist is crazy, Meghan is just using this to try to make her bad behavior look okay! Go back to the gutters, Meghan.. Harry, grow up and be the man your mom would have been proud of, not this sniveling robot Meghan is turning you into! She can’t even get along with her family and they know the true Meghan..

  2. Ananda says

    Very well said Tami! You tell the truth that some people don’t want to hear. They all live with h&m in Lala Land.

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