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Queen Camilla Is Sending The World A New Message About Her Next Move

She’s someone who knows how to make her moves, but in the most silent way. There’s a new report that suggests Queen Camilla might be making a point and sending a message to the world by wearing some of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite jewelry pieces.

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the Queen of England has been wearing her mother-in-law’s statement pieces during her most recent royal engagements and public appearances. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Queen Camilla – Is Sending The World A New Message About Her Next Move

Apparently, Queen Camilla has something to tell the world about herself and she’s doing it by wearing certain accessories.

Queen Camilla Is Sending The World A New Message About Her Next Move

According to a new report by The Times, it seems like King Charles’ wife is being very strategic with her style statements as she probably wants the world to know that she’s in charge, even if she might be in her husband’s shadow. Because that’s what a real consort would do, right?

Lauren Kiehna, writer and editor of the Court Jeweller website, even put it this way in a new interview with the publication, “She has worn an interesting mix of pieces from a selection of different categories of brooches: small jewels from her personal collection, gifts from the King, and antique brooches from the royal vaults.

She has chosen numerous pieces of important royal jewelry specifically when stepping in to represent the King at events.”

All About Queen Camilla And Her Statement Pieces

She continued, “Wearing those relatively unknown pieces allows her to make a visual link between the past and the present, but it also gives her the chance to innovate a little bit with her jewels instead of simply repeating the familiar pieces worn often by the late Queen.

When Queen Camilla wears a brooch associated with Queen Elizabeth, or even Queen Alexandra or Queen Mary, it underscores the importance of her royal role. But choosing lesser-known heirlooms helpfully avoids direct visual comparison.

Delightfully, it also hints at what many of us have long known: that the late Queen’s jewelry collection was incredibly vast, with lots of treasures still waiting to be discovered.”

So far Queen Camilla herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Karen Peterson says

    Well, Queen Camilla, as you can see, life is all too short, and goes by in a blink. I would wear all of the Queen’s jewelry as much as you can! Perhaps you should even give some more youthful pieces to Kate and Meghan now.

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