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Queen Elizabeth Misunderstood Princess Diana’s Personality

Better late than never? Well, not in this case. There’s a new report that says Queen Elizabeth finally began to understand the complexities of Princess Diana’s character, but only after it was too late.

At least, that’s what one royal biographer says as she breaks down the late queen’s relationship with her daughter-in-law. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Queen Elizabeth – Misunderstood Princess Diana’s Personality

Ingrid Seward says that while Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with Princess Diana was certainly a very complicated one, she only began to understand it after her death in 1997.

Queen Elizabeth Misunderstood Princess Diana’s Personality

She says that Queen Elizabeth had a very hard approach to Diana and that she didn’t want to deal with any sort of moral conflict at the time.

When Diana would come crying to her room that Prince Charles had hated her, Queen Elizabeth simply didn’t know what to do.

Speaking to GB News in an interview, Seward explained, She was used to conflict but not moral conflict. Later on, the Queen felt that had she been more able to cope with Diana, she might have been able to help a bit more with the marriage.

Charles then used to ring out and say ‘you don’t understand my wife, she’s impossible’, and he would scream down the phone at his mother – that was probably the low point of their relationship.”

Queen Elizabeth – Didn’t Want Charles And Diana To Divorce

What’s more, Queen Elizabeth seemed to distance herself from Diana’s problems just because she didn’t want to see her divorce her son Charles.

She continued, “The Queen then began to understand the complexities of Diana’s character and have a lot more sympathy for her son. She was head of the church, defender of the faith and she was horrified at the idea of divorce. But eventually it came to that, after Diana given that interview to Panorama, and she saw no way forward because Charles and Diana’s war of the worlds was overtaking every other news story. And that’s really not what a head of state wants.”

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