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Queen Elizabeth Stressed About Prince Harry’s Return – What She Hopes Will Happen

Queen Elizabeth Stressed About Prince Harry's Return - What She Hopes Will HappenThe Royal Family has experienced a lot of turmoil and tension over the past year. They were hoping that 2020 would be less scandalous, but then were delivered a shock when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their plans to step down and relocate to another country. The royal couple is due back in the UK soon and Queen Elizabeth is reportedly stressed about it and hopes everything will go smoothly.

Prince Harry Returns to the UK

It seems just recently Harry and Meghan made their part-time move to Canada official. They are settling into their new lives with baby Archie. They have also tried to secure their own income sources, although there was backlash over a recent speaking engagement. Even so, they wanted independence and to live their own lives and they have been granted that wish.

In March, Harry is due back in the UK for a royal engagement in London. Things seem to have settled down since the “Megxit” announcement. However, there are still some Royal Family members allegedly holding onto resentment.

Royals News: Tension Behind Closed Doors

The Royal Family are experts at making it seem like everything is just fine. They have a certain image and reputation to uphold. However, Us Weekly reported that there is still tension behind closed doors.

Not only did they not hold off on the announcement as asked, but the responsibilities have been shifted to other royals. Mainly, a lot of the duties are falling on Prince William and Kate Middleton until a pair of royal replacements is decided upon.

Queen Elizabeth Stressed, Yet Hopeful

A source claimed to the magazine that Queen Elizabeth is stressed about the upcoming visit. She hopes that everyone will put their grievances aside and just be civil. She also hopes that they will do more than just be civil, but will put on a united front.

“It’ll be interesting to watch their body language and see how they are together.”

What Will Probably Happen

Even though Harry and Meghan obviously have their reasons for the drastic “Megxit” decision, they have dealt with questions pretty well. They have never blamed or bashed anyone for what caused them to consider stepping down and moving to another country. This seems to indicate that they will have no problems being civil and pleasant with other members of the Royal Family.

Who knows, perhaps a little bit of time and space will actually improve the relationships.

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