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Reason Why Princess Anne Asked Mike Tindall To Get A Nose Job Revealed

When it comes to “son-in-law mother-in-law” bond, Princess Anne and Mike Tindall pretty much have it down to chemistry.

But did you know Mike turned down this strange Princess Anne request before leading her daughter down the aisle? It’s drama all right.

Mike Tindall Turned Down Princess Anne’s Well-meaning Suggestion

No doubt Princess Anne was incredibly proud when she learned her daughter snagged a then-rugby champion.

Not just speaking about his achievements, his bond with Zara’s family has been one for the books – we all know the Waleses and the Tindalls are as thick as thieves, so much so royal watchers have opted to call Mike William”s second brother.

Reason Why Princess Anne Asked Mike Tindall To Get A Nose Job Revealed

His bond with his mother-in-law still is even more beautiful. But she did make one strange request before he married Zara that he straight-out turned down.

We all know rugby is an extreme physical sport – if football (aka soccer) gives you a heard time tackling your opponents, just switch sports and play rugby instead.

So, throughout the course of his successful career in the sport, the rugby star, who was a part of the England squad that won the World Cup in 2003, had broken his nose eight times.

As a result of this, his nose used to have a slight kink. However, during a chat with Sky One’s A League of Their Own, the rugby pro opened up about how his mother-in-law suggested he get a corrective surgery.

But checking that the procedure would have crashed with his training, he decided to forego it.
In case you take this too seriously, Mike did tell us that “it was a light-hearted comment” and there was no pressure behind it.

However, after retiring in 2014, Mike found the time to undergo the corrective surgery four years later just in time for Harry’s wedding.

“It wasn’t a big deal, and look at my nose – can you blame her?” Mike previously told Radio Times in 2011.

Through the years, Mike has had many hilarious moments with his mother-in-law, including that one time he split his pants dancing with her.

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