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Royal Family Concerned About Prince Harry’s PTSD Following Near Fatal Paparazzi Chase

It appears as though the British Royal Family might be concerned about Prince Harry’s PTSD, and especially after he was involved in a near fatal paparazzi chase across New York City on Tuesday night. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family Concerned About Prince Harry’s PTSD Following Near Fatal Paparazzi Chase

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were reportedly chased by a “ring of paparazzi” cars for nearly two hours. spokesperson for the couple said in a statement: “This relentless pursuit, lasting over 2 hours, resulted in multiple near collisions involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians and 2 NYPD officers.”

Some have taken to Twitter to comment on the matter with, “Prince Harry must have such PTSD. It’s not exaggerated when that very scenario killed your mother! You don’t forget things like that easily; trauma like that stays with you forever. The press learned nothing from Diana,” along with, “I have to feel for Harry, his PTSD has to be horrible after this. However, the only way this would be catastrophic is if their taxi driver was speeding. If he drove at normal speed ( extremely slow in NYC traffic) then they would be safe. The paparazzi only wanted pics. They can’t kill with a camera.”

Royal Family Concerned About Prince Harry’s PTSD Following Near Fatal Paparazzi Chase

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Back in March, Prince Harry admitted that he suffers from PTSD. During a discussion with Dr. Gabor Mate, the Duke of Sussex admitted that he had been struggling with a number of disorders including ADD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Yet, he says that his wife Meghan had helped ‘save’ him.

Harry said, “My wife saved me, I was stuck in this world and she was from a different world and helped draw me out of that. But none of the elements of my life now wouldn’t be possible without me seeing it for myself. You have got to start with change within yourself. My partner is an exceptional human being and I am eternally grateful [for her].”

So far Prince Harry himself has not made any comments about the matter just yet.

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  1. John Gauthier says

    The Family don’t give a crap what they do why worry about his PTSD when the give tabloids info about him. William is a blank and needs to be put in his place when Harry goes to court. Sue the Monarchy for Rascism

  2. Judy says

    Harry and Meghan are lying about a 2 hour chase. Impossible in NYC. They just want more publicity. There is no racism in the royal family. Harry admitted that during one of his “Spare” interviews Long live King Charles

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