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Royal Family Fans Urge Kate Middleton To Wear Tiara To Coronation: Here’s Why!

Royal family rumors reveal Kate Middleton sparking a controversy. And the debate focuses on whether Princess Kate will wear a tiara to King Charles’ coronation. However, while Kate seems unsure, royal family fans keep urging her to don the jewels for the event. 

Find out why Princess Kate might not wear a tiara to Charles’ coronation. And learn exactly why royal family fans think that she should. Get all the royal details below.

Kate Middleton To Break Tiara Tradition?

Royal family fans on social media have made their views clear on the question of Princess Kate donning a tiara. And they want Kate to flaunt a headpiece that sparkles brightly to her father-in-law King Charles III’s coronation on May 6.

But Buckingham Palace revealed that Kate has not yet decided. And the Princess of Wales, 41, has considered breaking with tradition and skipping a tiara for the historic ceremony at Westminster Abbey, reported Page Six.

Royal Family Fans Urge Kate Middleton To Wear Tiara To Coronation: Here's Why!

But royal family fans believe that Princess Kate should follow historical precedents. And that means wearing a tiara like other female royal family members. For instance,  young princesses Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Margaret donned little gold crowns known as coronets to their father’s coronation in 1937. But a royal historian offered a reason for Kate to leave the tiara at home. 

Because King Charles wants “a modern coronation, it would make sense that he would choose for a formal day dress code which does not include tiaras,” noted royal historian Jessica Storoschuk. And she called it “very possible” that the Princess of Wales will tone down her look. However, the historian did note that fans can expect “some extreme displays of wealth at the coronation, such as the Gold State Coach.”

Royal Family Fans Long For ‘Major Glamour’ At Coronation

But despite such extremes as the Gold State Coach, Jessica predicted “we will most likely see far less jewelry and personal wealth.” For instance, rather than glamorous gowns and diamonds, the royal family’s women may wear coat dresses and hats. Such choices appeared at the Commonwealth Day ceremony and the Service of Thanksgiving for the Platinum Jubilee. As a result, Kate could use those events as her reason for not wearing a tiara to the coronation.

But Storoschuk shared that Princess Kate might decide to don a coronet, “simply as a future queen.” And royal family fans made their views clear on social media. For instance, one wrote, “The people pay for this. Do your part and give us a show!” And others thought that King Charles should require glamour at his coronation.

“Maybe the coronation will be business casual,” speculated a royal watcher. “Just no denim please,” added the fan. “Having a hard time with Charles’ vision here.” And to those who thought that Princess Kate should seek a relatable style, another wrote, “Royalty, especially in this circumstance, isn’t supposed to be relatable. The world needs an escape from reality and you can offer it.”

King Charles Will Provide Dazzle With His Crowns

But Lauren Kiehna, founder of The Court Jeweller, spoke for royal family fans. And she pointed out, “Many royal fans are clearly hoping for major glamour from this coronation, a return to the old tiaras, coronets, and robes of the last ceremony 70 years ago.” As a result, Laura admitted feeling “curious to see how the palace tries to balance the need for the event to be special and significant with the desire to strike the right tone for today.” However, King Charles, 74, and Queen Consort Camilla, 75, promise to provide some of the dazzle. 

And watch for the King to don St. Edward’s Crown, a choice featuring semi-precious gems. It originally was created for King Charles II’s coronation in 1661. Because that crown is only “used at the moment of coronation,” Charles also will wear the Imperial State Crown during the ceremony. And Camilla will honor her late mother-in-law with a crown worn by Queen Mary in 1911. However, it will feature an addition of some of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamonds. 

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Kate Middleton should wear a tiara to King Charles’ coronation? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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