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Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles Is Too Old To Ride Horses

While you can never be too old to give up the things that you love, for Camilla Parker Bowles, it seems like she really doesn’t have a choice. Royal Family News says that Camilla recently admitted that she feels like she’s too old to ride horses anymore.

But that doesn’t mean she still can’t admire them. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles Says She’s Too Old To Ride Horses

According to The Sun, Camilla said during her state visit to Germany that she feels as though she is “too old” to ride her beloved horses anymore.

Speaking with a few kids in Hamburg, the Queen said, “I used to have horses I rode but sadly I don’t ride any longer. I think I’m too old but I have race horses. Last night I watched one of the foals being born, which was very exciting.”

Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles Says She’s Too Old To Ride Horses

And while she may no longer be horseback riding like she used to, a separate report suggests that Camilla has been engaging in another hobby: hitting the bottle.

According to The Globe, Queen Camilla has supposedly been enjoying a drink or two every night, much to the dismay of her husband, King Charles. One of the reasons why Camilla is probably drinking more than she used to is because she’s so upset over all of the things that Prince Harry had said about her in his book, Spare. He even described her as being the “wicked stepmother” of the royal family.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Camilla Parker Bowles?

One source close to the situation even said that for King Charles, “there’s no convincing Camilla she’s not the target of some wicked plot. Charles is at his wit’s end and desperate to avoid more public humiliation,” while also adding, “Charles has done everything he can to warn the palace staff to keep mum about Camilla’s problem and hush hush her loud, drunken attacks. Camilla tends to be arrogant when she’s not sober and when she’s soused, watch out!”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

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