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Royal Family News: Doctors Ordered Queen Elizabeth To Stop Drinking, So Why Hasn’t She?

Queen Elizabeth British royal family news shows that 95-year old Queen Elizabeth was ordered by her doctors to stop imbibing her traditional nightly martini. Has she done as she was asked? Maybe the better question is why, at this stage, would her doctors demand she stop engaging in the small indulgence she obviously enjoys?

In October reports indicated that Her Majesty was a good girl and followed doctor’s orders. According to the Daily Mail, it was divulged that the monarch had given up her daily martini, “but mystery surrounded her reasons for cutting down on alcohol.”

Royal Family News – Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Martinis

Now royal wine steward Demetri Walters sheds light on why the restrictive command was given, and followed: “It’s bad for her joints, and she can’t drink too much when she’s doing all these royal engagements — it’s not a job you can drink in.”

But according to Walters, the queen has not gone cold turkey, so to speak. He reports that, “She continues to enjoy a glass of wine with her meal.”

“I choose for the Queen, but she’s quite exacting, as she doesn’t drink much wine at the moment,’ he told the outlet.

At one time Walters worked for the royal wine supplier Berry Bros. and he has worked with Michelin-starred chefs, including Michel Roux Jr., on their menus.

Today he is an independent wine adviser to private customers, including Her Majesty.

Royal Family News – Queen Elizabeth Still Enjoys Wine

One might think that working in such a capacity to the royal family would engender a fair amount of tales to tell. In this regard, Walters does not disappoint. He recounted the experience he had of becoming a, “beer sommelier,” for Prince Philip, the queen’s late husband.

According to Walters, the Duke of Edinburgh had very specific views on the medicinal properties of alcohol.

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Died At Age 99

Walters claims that, “He had this idea he couldn’t drink wine because it would make him too unwell in his old age, so, very unusually, I had to act as a beer sommelier for him. I didn’t dare tell him beer is even worse for you.”

Would it be wrong to share the alcoholic indulgences the queen enjoys? She is said, “to enjoy a few drinks to get her through the day, including a gin and Dubonnet before lunch, a glass of sweet German wine with her evening meal, and a dry martini before bed.”

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