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General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Jones Is Surprised By An Unexpected Visitor

General Hospital: Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)General Hospital spoilers tease that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will be surprised by an unexpected visitor in an upcoming episode of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers – Shocking, But Not Unexpected

General Hospital viewers will recall that Maxie has a big secret – she’s hiding a baby in plain sight, her missing baby Louise August (Harper and Scarlett Bloom) living her life at the Quartermaine mansion as “Bailey Lois Quartermaine” (Harper and Scarlett Bloom). General Hospital spoilers say that Maxie will be surprised by someone she finds – and that someone may be right there at her door. As a matter of fact, Maxie may be downright shocked at who she finds, because that person is likely to be Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison)!

He is determined to find Louise, and is able to fill in some missing pieces – like the finding the original Nurse Chloe Jennings (Phoebe Kuhlman) hired by Maxie in the same Cassadine compound in Crete where he was. He heard part of the story from her and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) likely filled in the rest, since they originally went looking for baby Louise but found him and real Chloe instead! It may be shocking for Maxie to see Drew if she wasn’t given a heads up by someone else, but his wanting to find her baby would not be unexpected.

GH Spoilers – Drew Cain Knows The Baby Wasn’t In Crete Or On Cassadine Island

General Hospital viewers can imagine Maxie’s increasing discomfort as Drew is telling her that he knows the baby wasn’t in Crete or on Cassadine Island, and that Phoebe had not seen any babies there! Drew will be so kind, so caring, so sincere in his efforts to help Maxie find her missing baby! Maxie is likely to begin feeling more than a little bit guilty sending so many on what has constituted a wild goose chase, even though Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is in WSB custody for the time being.

No one trusts that Peter is fully contained and rendered harmless – after all, he escaped being so close to death that he had no pulse and being hidden in a morgue freezer in the sub-basement of General Hospital for several weeks – it used to be Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) lab. Perhaps some kind of serum was left in the freezer from her experiments that hadn’t lost its potency, or he was in some kind of natural stasis!

General Hospital Spoilers – Maxie Jones Must Think Of Something To Tell Drew Cain

General Hospital viewers can imagine that Maxie will have to think of something to tell Drew – although she cannot tell him any more about the circumstances of her birth than he apparently already knows! Maxie wasn’t counting on yet another kind and brave soul who wanted to help find her baby when she’s not even missing, so she turns her focus to Drew’s little girl with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) Emily “Scout” Cain (Ella Ramacieri).

Maxie will thank Drew for his kind offer but he might be thrown a little bit by his suggesting he should focus on his own little girl! Maxie will back up and explain, she hasn’t given up, but there are so many others still looking for her. One thing she does appreciate is that he is also as anxious to see Peter be permanently eliminated as a threat as she is! General Hospital viewers know that the only way to make sure is with the death of Peter August!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

  1. stetny says

    Absolutely NOT! Fans have been requesting Peter to be gone for a long time. Sorry Jason left, but support Steve's freedom of choice, which should never be trampled on!
    Love Sasha and Brando together; and don't break up Scotty and Liesl; GREAT comedy and they (finally) bring a lightness to the program.
    Nina has to go. When is Sonny going to tell Carly everything or will Nina do it? Why doesn't Carly kick her out of her rental space?
    Loved the scenes together with the nurse; excellent. And do hope there will be a story line on everything they do. think it would be eye opening for fans.

  2. Guest says

    No. Get ride of him. And bring Jason back. This vaccine mandate is ridiculous!!!

  3. Guest says

    Get rid of peter bring Steve back

  4. Guest says

    No Its about time he is rendered -helpless.

  5. Guest says

    Hope for Peter to be gone. Steve has to decide if he is too high and mighty to go by health rules!

  6. Guest says

    I like Nina…not everyone hates her! Carly is much worse!!!

  7. Guest says

    the mandate is serious and real!

  8. Guest says

    Peter is the new Faison Sazar. Killing him off isn’t going to happen anytime soon. He will have years to create havoc for the fine citizens of Port Charles.

  9. Guest says

    No Peter really needs to die.

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