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Royal Family News: Harry And Meghan’s Oprah Interview Will “Make Or Break” Them In America

British royal family news reveals that everyone not living under a rock has heard by now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer under the thumb of Queen Elizabeth. They have a new Queen they answer to and her name is Oprah.

That’s right, yesterday a handover of power was announced. Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch in the world, cut loose the problematic pair, who are no longer working royals.

In turn they announced that they intend to prostrate themselves at the alter of the queen of all media, Oprah Winfrey.

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Are On The Tell-All Circuit

In light of this stunning but not at all shocking news, royal experts are weighing in on how buddying up to Oprah Winfrey will ‘make or break’ the fortunes of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Her cry couch is infamous, and has made or broken the image of many, just ask Tom Cruise.

A producer who has worked with Oprah in the past said of the remarkable interview, “This is make or break for them. People in Britain assume they are famous here but the reality is they are not A-list stars in the same way Beyonce or even the Kardashians are.”

That’s correct. Here the Markle’s are viewed in the main as something of a freak of nature, a British man presuming to tell Americans how to vote and a B-list actress with aspirations to mold the world to her image.

Royal Family News – The World Awaits A VIP Interview

The 90-minute ship of fools, erm, show, sets sail on March 7 immediately after CBS’s 60 Minutes show which does not exactly command the coveted groups of Neilson eyeballs. The producer said it is the couple’s chance to “to woo and win over Americans,” those who are still awake, since, “most Americans have no idea what they stand for and what they actually do.” Spoiler alert: That goes double for the Markle’s themselves.

“Of course, we know Harry is Princess Diana’s son but ask your average guy in the street and they likely have no clue about them beyond that.” Oh my they have their work cut out for them this mouthy, pushy pair who seem convinced that preaching to Americans is their destiny.

Royal Family News – What Will The Markle’s Talk About?

He said it was significant that pregnant Meghan demanded to talk first, and alone, to Oprah. Harry will join her later, after she’s had her star turn, erm, say!

Reportedly Me-Again will, “state her case and present her narrative about how she was received in Britain and what caused Megxit,” the producer added.

“She needs regular Americans to understand what she’s about, like her and then want to click on her Netflix projects or Spotify podcasts.” Good luck with that.

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