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Royal Family News: Harry Committed To Playing Polo Season In CA, Priorities Messed Up!

HarryBritish royal family news shows that Prince Harry has priorities and has no shame in letting the world know where they lay—not with the family that raised him, gave him a gilded life, and need him now more than ever.

Royal experts are in agreement that the reports that he, “has pledged to play a full season of polo in California,” is damaging the monarchy all over again. Let’s break down how Harry still has the nerve to dig the knife in deeper after Megxit.

Royal Family News – Harry Is Damaging?

It is his indecision over attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June that is causing more heartburn to the monarchy say royal experts.

After snubbing the queen’s birthday and his grandfather’s memorial service, the Duke of Excess had plenty of time to ride around on his polo pony last week, and has now announced that he will play the rest of the polo season at Santa Barbara, California, this according to Meghan Markle’s pet journalist and soul mate Omid Scobie. He would know.

Scoobie Doo croaked that Prince Harry, who apparently isn’t Meghan’s soul mate, is committed to his friends and the horses which seems to infer that he, “is not planning to attend the Jubilee,” according to the Daily Mail. The Jubilee bank holiday starts Thursday June 2 and ends Sunday June 5.

The experts say the obfuscation is deliberate on Harry and Meghan’s part, “and they are encouraging the uncertainty ‘because their status and income depends on constant mention in the media.’”

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Are Obfuscating

Royal author Tom Bower said, “There have always been serious doubts that Harry and Meghan would come to the celebrations. Firstly because as private citizens they could not be in the spotlight on the balcony. Secondly because Princes Charles and William are furious about their lies about them in the Oprah Winfrey interview and, after Harry’s recent NBC interview, no longer trust him and Meghan to behave properly. Third, because Meghan hasn’t got the courage to face Kate after her misleading allegations in the Oprah interview.”

Here’s the kicker: “Meghan fears the bad headlines if she returns to Britain.”

He added that the thirsty pair, “are addicted to preening their self-importance. Unfortunately the damage their deliberate public ‘indecision’ is causing to the monarchy is impossible to prevent. It’s all part of their financial strategy.”

Even the Queen’s appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace is not guaranteed due to mobility issues, an inside source said.

Angela Levin noted, “Harry’s priorities of polo over Jubilee blow away any hint he really cares about his grandmother, whatever excuses he comes up with. Many people will be relieved he stays away but not the most important person of all – the Queen.”

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  1. Park Avenue says

    Why is everyone getting all worked up in a snit about this?
    They are NOT going to The Jubilee. It's the PR Team that wants to stir up controversy… Look, after the disastrous week for Megaphone, they HAVE to pretend they're still relevant.

  2. Guest says

    Stop Raking HARRY Over
    The Coals, Dragging Him
    Through The Mudd. OK,
    That's What Happens When
    Your Mom Dies When Your
    In Your Early Teens, & Your
    Dad Is A Skank & Marries
    His "HO", That He's Been
    Carrying On With All The
    Years He Was Married To
    Your Mom, At Least 85%
    Of The Time, Time To Put
    Most Of The Blame On
    CHARLES & The Rest Of
    The ROYAL FIRM & Thier
    HYPOCRACY, When You
    Treated HARRY 2ND Best
    To Everything WILLIAM
    Did, It Gets STALE, Take
    The Blame, Hang Your
    Head, Swallow Hard &
    You'll Get Your Full Due
    COMES OUT, & The Worlf
    Will Know All Your Sins.

  3. Guest says

    I would rather Harry enjoys himself on a polo field than attend anything that is honoring his grandmothers service. We all know if he comes it will just result in drama, so let him be. Only a fool wants to wake a screaming tedious child.

  4. Guest says

    I find it ludicrous that Haz and Me-gain continue to be included in "Royal" news.
    They chose to step down from The Firm because they wanted their privacy.
    Give it to them. Quit posting anything about them and watch how quickly they fade into obscurity.
    Until Harry's missis decides she NEEDS more attention.
    Then there's no limit to what she might do to get attention.

  5. Park Avenue says

    Diana was the problem, not Charles.
    And not everything is about "Mummy's Death"…so all children that has a traumatic event can get a free pass to trash your family?

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