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Royal Family News: How Prince William And Kate May End Up Saving The Monarchy

Prince William And KateBritish royal family news indicates that Princes William and Charles are keenly aware of the public’s perception of the family business as overrated and ahem, an unwanted drain of their money. Public opinion polls of The Firm show that the Royal Family has taken a hit in popularity and this is especially true among younger generations.

What is behind the drop in popularity? At one time the monarchy was the toast of the town, an institution looked upon with fondness by the British people. In a word, scandal has been their downfall.

Royal Family News – Will William And Kate Save The Monarchy?

The downfall can be traced to negative events such as the sexual abuse allegations currently facing Prince Andrew and not helping one iota was the desertion of thirsty and critical Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. Among other things they did an Oprah Winfrey special in which they dragged his family like a sack of rotten potatoes, while Prince Philip lay on his deathbed no less


Events such as these surely do damage to the royal reputation as shown in the most recent YouGov poll concerning the abolition of the monarchy. Numbers from the poll reveal that 41 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds want an elected head of state versus the monarchy.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told MyLondon that social media could play a big role in turning this sentiment on its head.

Royal Family News – Can William Help the Monarchy?

In particular he thinks the Instagram account of William and Kate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is instrumental. According to Richard, the popularity of the monarchy is dependent on things such as perceived morality and relatability. He thinks that Prince Charles’ efforts on climate change and environmentalism have been a huge positive, but when he becomes king he can no longer be an outspoken advocate.

It may seem harsh, but Richard thinks that Charles is not too popular with younger generations due in part to his age. There is a bright spot among the shade and that sunshine comes from Charles’ loins as it were. He thinks that future King William is much more in vogue and relatable with young people than is Charles.

Royal Family News  – William Is In Vogue

Prince William and Kate have more than 13 million followers on their Instagram, and Richard says that the, “very up-to-date way,” the Royals use social media could be a key factor in upping their popularity levels.

Richard said, “I do think that the royals have been very up-to-date in the way that they have used social media – the way the Queen used it during lockdown, the Cambridges’ Instagram. William and Kate are tremendously popular, and they’re also espousing important causes: mental health, the environment, causes for young children.”

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