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Royal Family News: Is Prince Harry Staying In The UK?

Prince HarryPrince Harry is heading back to England for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue at Kensington Palace, but it will be a “fleeting visit.” Though he’s coming back to the UK, Harry’s visits will be short.  Harry is returning to the UK for the first time since Prince Philip’s funeral, but he has no plans to stay in the country long term, according to sources.

The source has said that “he’ll be in and out,” adding that this time’s short trip means he won’t get to spend much time with his family, including brother Prince William.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Returns To The UK

His Short trips mean that he and Prince William won’t have much time to spend together to work through the alleged strain in their relationship

Things have been pretty tense between William and Harry following the Sussexes’ bombshell Oprah interview, with an insider revealing that the brothers have not been in touch besides brief text messages, adding that though they will be uniting for the unveiling they won’t get to spend much time together. They said, “The relationship is still very much strained and there’s no sign yet that there will be any sort of coming together any time soon.”

The Duke of Sussex who just welcomed his second child and first daughter doesn’t plan to stay in the UK because he’s eager to return to Meghan and the kids. Harry is making a quick return to the US because he wants to “get back” to his family. He and Meghan

Meghan Markle Just Welcomed Their Daughter, Lili, On June 4.

Though things seem tense, the couple have continued to keep their family in the UK updated on their daughter, even video calling Queen Elizabeth, after whom they’ve named her, after her birth.

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  1. M. Payton says

    Of course not, Meghan holds all the cards in this marriage, 2 babies means she has it made for life regardless of what she says. She has Harry right where she wants him, under her thumb and foot, he jumps to her tune and they will continue with all the lies and hate until the royal family gives in to them….nothing less than the throne for Meghan will do…..with Harry kissing those toes…..Meghan is one mentally sick person who only loves Meghan and what she wants, we are all witnessing her demands. Just take a good long look at her family before Harry, that says a lot about how she values family and love…

  2. Guest says

    I have a feeling that Megan will do something to upstage Diana’s statue unveiling if not the same day it will be within a few days prior to the 
    unveiling. Remember she doesn’t like anyone or anything to take attention away from her. Judging by past occurrences, this is what she’s all about. Shame on her then and shame on her even more if she does this again coinciding with Diana’s statue unveiling. Keep your eyes open.

  3. Guest says

    I agree…you can bet she has something in the works that she will do to get attention for herself out of this event, and spoil it everyone….it's her M.O., and we all know now what she's like…it's a case of "wait for it"!!! Shame, shame, on her…..she's an attention seeking spoiled, rude, greedy child who has never been taught any better.

  4. Jezz says

    William Diana's son and future King and loyal working royal will be there to honour his mother's memory with a statue. Harry doesn't matter he left his position, slandering his country, family and showing the world what a self-centered, privileged nasisist he really is, so who cares if he's there or not. I hope this is the last we have to see him at a royal event, he's an insult to the UK and Commonwealth and the Queen should now keep his future visits a private family affair.

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