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Royal Family News: Is Princess Diana Helping Harry?

DianaBritish royal family news shows that Prince Harry had another American tv tell-all today and the fallout was predictably sad, angering, and cringe in a way that only royal runaways Harry and Meghan can induce. He said many things, one of them being a tale about his late mother Princess Diana.

Diana died in a Paris car crash in the late 1990s, leaving behind two young sons who were raised by their father Prince Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth. Roughly two years ago he began distancing himself from his family and now routinely trashes them in interview after interview. What happened? The moment of his desertion coincides with his meeting of now wife Meghan Markle.

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In an interview that has generated as much if not more criticism than the tell all he gave to Oprah Winfrey, which occurred when his grandfather was on his death bed, the Duke of Excess told NBC’s Today that after her death Diana did her part to, “get his brother William set up and is now ‘helping my family.’”

According to the Daily Mail Harry imagines his late mother’s presence, “more so in the last two years than ever before – approximately the same length of time since he and Meghan Markle stepped back from Royal duties in January 2020.”

According to Harry, “she’s done her bit with my brother and now she’s very much helping me. She’s got him set up and now she’s helping me set up – that’s what it feels like. He’s got his kids, I’ve got my kids.”

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He went on, “The circumstances are obviously different but I feel her presence in almost everything that I do now. But definitely more so in the last two years than ever before, without a question. She’s watching over us.”

He also said he and Meghan have a couple of photos of her in the house and that he’s certain that Princess Diana would be proud of him.

After the interview aired, royal expert Ingrid Seward told Sky News that Harry talking about Princess Diana shows he is, “probably still grieving for his mother.”

“Because people do that – and I studied this a bit when I wrote about William and Harry – in order to keep the presence of the person that’s passed away, is to keep them alive by doing things that they did and wanting their approval. So Harry does sound like he’s in a different sphere somehow.”

Harry’s animosity toward the rest of his family was also on display. Harry refused to say if he misses his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William and claimed to talk with the Queen, “about things she can’t talk about with anybody else.”

He punctuated his indifference by saying, “Home for me now is, you know, for the time being, it’s in the States. And it feels that way as well.”

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  1. Guest says

    No, she would not like seeing Harry led around by the nose by the money grubbing worm that is MM!

  2. Park Avenue says

    Nobody knows what a dead person thinks or will do.
    THAT is just crazy

  3. Park Avenue says

    Yes. Absolutely.—
    She (Diana) and Harry Houdini are his new * unpaid 'Advisors'.
    Good grief. Harry has just entered into Fantasy Land
    Any time he wants sympathy and public adoration he pulls "My Mother…. " out.
    Yeah, OK, Harry. Right. Diana really does 'guide'
    {***I see dead people}

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