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Royal Family News: Kate Middleton And Prince William Afraid Harry And Meghan Will Hijack Jubilee

Royal Family News: Kate And William “Afraid” Harry And Meghan Will Hijack Jubilee “Limelight”British royal family news shows that the royals have good reason to be leery about the upcoming visit from Harry and Meghan. Both have savagely dragged his family for two years and spilled confidential bits of private family conversations.

Now comes speculation that Kate Middleton and Prince William are concerned about the trash talkers actually showing up on their door. Royal expert Tom Bower told Express UK about the family’s wariness.

Royal Family News – Meghan and Harry Have Baggage

Bower said, “William will worry that Harry and Meghan will pull a stunt to try to get the limelight … Kate and William would be foolish not to be suspicious and would be unwise not to be cautious.”

If that sounds harsh, consider all of the tacky, trashy things the Sussex’s have done since defecting from the royal family. Meghan just flew down to Texas, the site of an elementary school massacre, to take pictures of herself next to a line of small crosses.

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Are In The Limelight

And although Harry claims to want to embrace and change the world for the better, the only thing he does consistently is play polo. Both have failed in their boastful claims to be “philanthropists” and instead have hijacked the spotlight over and over in their quest to mingle with the A-listers.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are correct in worrying about the sketchy pair trying to steal the Platinum Jubilee spotlight if rumors are correct.

Royal Family News – The Cambridges Suspect The Sussex’s

Kate and William are poised to become king and queen one day while the spare and his wife desperately seek attention from places like the LA Veteran’s Cemetery, Uvalde, Texas, a Harlem schoolroom, and the polo field.

As such royal watcher Duncan Larcombe claims that the pair are about to, “come of age,” in an upcoming power shift.

Royal Family News – The Cambridges Are Coming of Age

Larcombe told The Royal Beat: “Since they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last year, we’ve seen a transition of this couple. [They] make no mistake, it’s been a monumental transition.”

“They’ve swapped their waxed jackets and walks with their dogs for tiaras, ballgowns and velvet with walks down the red carpet with Tom Cruise.”

“So this is about that coming of age, you know, we’ve seen Prince Charles and now we are seeing this couple, the Prince and Princess of Wales in-waiting.”

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