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Royal Family News: Lady Campbell Claims Netflix “Dumping” Toxic Prince Harry & Meghan

British royal family news reveals what Lady Colin Campbell thinks of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to her the public is simply beyond bored of the couple’s gross verbal pollution.

Campbell also thinks that the world subjected to these two grifters is waiting with bated breath to get their overdue comeuppance. Read on to discover that this insider is hearing from inside sources.

Royal Family News: Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get a Comeuppance?

Campbell told GBNews that she is certain the Duke and Duchess, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, will be bit by karma in the end.

You know what they say about karma, and Campbell takes a dim view of the twosome who have monetized selling out their families.

Royal Family News: Lady Campbell Claims Netflix “Dumping” Toxic Prince Harry & Meghan

Earlier this year Spotify cancelled the Markle’s and that opened the floodgates for people to finally speak their minds after three years of Markle manure.

Harry just dropped a Netflix project, Heart of Invictus. It was trumpeted to be his comeback punch but critics and fans alike were turned off with Harry whining about his privileged life to sick and wounded military members participating in the games.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Dumped by Netflix?

Campbell also thinks that the documentary did poorly because “everybody’s heartily sick of them” referring to the couple.

Heart of Invictus should have done well, based on its heroic and heartwarming content based on “war veterans with disabilities who participate in the yearly Invictus Games.”

Campbell stated “Netflix could have pushed this. Had Netflix pushed this, it would have been in the top 10.

My understanding from my sources in Hollywood is that Netflix is basically letting water seek its own level. Because they find Harry and Meghan pretty stuck in the past.”

Royal Family News: Netflix Tired Of Harry And Meghan?

She went on to say that Netflix has been predatory to the bratastic couple and are close to “dumping them entirely.

I think it’s very ominous because Netflix could have really boosted it in the same way as Spotify ‘manipulated’ the figures so Meghan’s [Markle] Archetypes podcast beat others on the service.”

Her conclusion about Harry and Meghan’s future with the streamer: “Therefore, the fact that they didn’t make Prince Harry’s Heart of Invictus rank highly is a huge “red flag.”

Tell us royal fans, is it time to stick a fork in the Hollywood Hobos?

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  1. Deborah says

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Harry even found a way to whine in Inviticus show. They get face time they’re both find a to get some whinning in.

  2. Dorothy J Cool says

    I personally enjoyed watching the Netflix series regarding the Invitus games. I applaude those who have taken part in the games regardless of their injuries. Everyone has the right to show their strength and thank goodness Prince Harry is on the front lines to welcome them home. I’m sure they have become a strong family.

  3. Kay Drohan says

    Personally I’m sick of them both. The lies the poor me is old. The ordeal in New York was so unbelievable and over the top with a made up chase to TRY and imitate Princess Diana was the last straw! That was so disrespectful and stupid I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Magen wants and will do ANYTHING to try and look like Princess Diana when in fact she is the total opposite of her! They need to lay down and stay down.

  4. Betty says

    I,agree, I believe Netflix,is tired of their excuses and lies too. Yes I think it’s time for their self importance to be exposed. They are not news worthy, or real celebrity material. All their photos are mostly shot by photographers hired by them. She’s shows her supposed popularity and,sexuality by showing her body by her revealing clothes. Guess she learned this by being an Epstein His. She makes me sick and Harry’s no better. Their titles need to be taken away by Parliament and,let them be fully Indeptent from the RF and see how long they,last.

  5. Susie says

    Netflix making a HUGE mistake if this comes true….

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