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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Begging Kate Middleton For Forgiveness?

Meghan Markle doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would say that she’s sorry, let alone beg anyone for their forgiveness. But at this point, she might not have any other choice.

There are new reports that suggest the Duchess of Sussex will want to make peace with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, especially if she expects this to happen. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Begging Kate Middleton For Forgiveness?

There’s rife speculation that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have to make a major move in their lives. Unfortunately, they’ve been hit with a lot of bad luck ever since they lost their $20 million dollar contract with Spotify.

\Unfortunately for the couple, they haven’t been able to recuperate their losses with other potential contracts as no one has approached the Sussexes with potential work.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Begging Kate Middleton For Forgiveness?

This means that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle only really have one choice left in their lives. If they can’t make it in California, then they will have to pack their bags and move back to London.

e UK is if she forms some kind of alliance with Kate Middleton. And she certainly knows that won’t be easy.

Will Kate Middleton Accept Meghan Markle’s Apology?

While there’s no doubt that Kate Middleton will want to keep her distance from Meghan Markle when she arrives back in the UK, she knows that she can’t do that, either. All of these feuds between the different members of the royal family has given the monarchy a bad look.

Being the future queen that she is, Kate will have to accept Meghan’s apology, even if she has to fake it. She also knows that Harry and Meghan aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and that the future of the royal family depend on them as well. Watch this space as we have a feeling that there is more juicy royal drama to come.

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  1. Martha says

    The worst thing I could have imagined. Meghan needs to lower her standard of living. It’s one thing if Harry returns to Britian; but MEGHAN??? I just don’t see this working out! It would be cheaper and less costly to buy them a cheaper house in the USA. They can work at McDonalds to pay utilities. I could never trust these two. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

  2. Alda says

    If Megan and Harry try to return to the uk I
    pray King Charles has the guts to say NO!…
    BUT HELL NO! Megan and Harry will place
    recorders and cameras in every single crack!C
    Including their own bodies! She doesn’t
    give a damn about anyone!! Nothing is off
    limits! She is up and running to the highest bidders with Harry up and running go Meg go!!!… Harry will continue to use Diana death to make money! Enough of these two!!
    Andrew couldn’t hold a light to these Baby faking radicals! God save America and the UK from these two imitation humans!!

  3. Sharon says

    They need to be begging King Camilla because we know she rules the UK. NOT CHARLES. I mean she is so hateful and disrespectful to Princess Kate and she and Prince William has been doing alot of the hosting for the Monarchy. Charles has wanted to cut back on everything but yet he doesn’t want it to happen to him. I hate he is getting rid of his mother’s belongings since her death. SHAME ON YOU CHARLES. YOU AND CAMILLA ARE TWO OF A KING AND DESERVE EACH OTHER.

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  5. Kathy day says

    Don’t let your guard down. Megan only wants to bring the monarchy down. She started those rumors about Prince William having an affair, they proved the rumors came from Markle. She isn’t family she is a psychopath. Her face keeps changing she now looks like the witch on snow white.

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