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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Caught Out In A Whopper Involving Kate Middleton

MAGHANBritish royal family news that oops, she did it again, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex has been busted in an apparent fib. Or as one royal watcher tweeted on Monday, “The lies are all coming to light.”

The debunking of her wild claim to Oprah Winfrey is the latest one of her boastful, outrageous assertions to be found lacking in veracity (to put it nicely).

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Has Been Debunked Again

The tweet was one of many in response to a resurfaced photo that shows Meghan Thee Duchess grinning madly while holding a magazine with her royal relation Kate Middleton on the cover.

The cheesy pic has ignited doubts about her claim that she was “naive” to the duties of royal life before joining the family. She also claimed to have never Googled her husband Harry, an assertion that the Twitterverse found a tad bit difficult tale to swallow.

During her tattle tale interview with Oprah in March, Markle said she, “didn’t grow up knowing much about the royal family.”

This has been directly refuted by her childhood friend’s mother who stated the two girls were gaga over Princess Diana, Harry’s late mother, and watched her videotaped wedding over and over.

Royal Family News – Is Meghan Markle Telling a Whopper?

The resurfaced picture was reportedly taken in 2014, two years before the former Suitcase Girl met her now-husband Prince Harry.

“She said she didn’t do any research on Harry or his family before she got married!” one person tweeted. “Was that because she was more interested in what Kate had?”

Another tweeted, “She has stalked the Royals for years!!!”

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Was A Fan Of Kate Middleton?

This, not the first time that Markle’s version of events has been challenged. In March it was reported that seven years ago the celebutante blogged about her dream of becoming a princess.

“Grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy,” she wrote in a 2014 post. “Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate.”

Markle trashed Kate to Oprah, calling her Waity Katy and claiming that Kate made her cry prior to her taxpayer-funded wedding to Harry. She also claimed that the archbishop visited the pair three days prior to the ceremony and married them in secret. The archbishop strenuously denied the incredible claim, leaving little room for doubt as to the accuracy of the notorious ‘garden wedding’ tale spun by Meghan. Seems to be a pattern emerging here?

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  1. Guest says

    prince harry is an ass

  2. Guest says

    Lovely Catherine, we love you and William – your kids are so precious! Please pay meghan no mind. She and harry are poor actors, acting like real people!

  3. DJ Brown says

    Can’t roll my eyes hard enough

  4. Guest says

    Meghan is such a LIAR! She said a while ago that she wanted to marry Harry! There's pictures of her out side Buckingham Palace when she was younger saying she was going to marry Harry! She knew all about the Royal Family!

  5. Guest says

    Harry’s wife has been caught in so many lies. You could never trust her ever she’s got a Pinocchio nose

  6. Guest says

    MM has a troubled relationship with the truth. She doesn't like it and it doesn't like her.

  7. Guest says

    I think this is all Megan’s ideal she wants to stay in the news, regardless of who she hurts. Take her title away she is not good enough to resent the British people in any way.

  8. Guest says

    MM said she didn’t know anything about Harry, but supposedly she was a friend of Fergie and one of her daughters. MM is a phony from the word GO, and now she’s torn Harry away from his family.

  9. Jezz says

    I was really happy for the royal family adding a person of colour to their family. I had high hopes for the future. However clearly whatever Megan's knowledge of the Royals, she wasn't prepared. That situation combined with Megan's different attitude, aspirations of stardom etc wasn't a recipe for a good result. All of us, including the Queen and other Royals were so eager for our people of colour to be represented amongst the royal family we got swept away with the fairytale. In reality anyone taking on that enormous responsibility regardless of colour or status should have an apprenticeship of sorts to ensure they are prepared and ready. It is normal in many jobs to have to take physiological tests to assess a person's mental state. With a job as demanding and responsible of a senior royal even Royals should have to do this before taking on duties. This is not the 1600s just because someone is born in that position, if they are not mentally fit they should not be representing the people. Also with such a demanding position perhaps regular mental health checks would be advisable. They might be royal but anyone in public service should be held to high standards. The colour or ethnicity of a person should neither prevent or give them preference in attaining any position. It shouldn't fast track anyone to be a president or win an Oscar, people should be able to feel they have justly and honestly earned their accomplishments.

  10. Guest says

    I wish the media would stop posting anything about Meghan and Harry. Then they will stop. They are not very nice people. I feel sad for their children.

  11. Guest says

    The truth and Meghan are at distinct odds. Can’t believe anything she says, she’s showing herself to be a pathological liar and a narcissistic sociopath.

  12. Guest says


  13. Guest says

    I’m sure it is a huge change for any American to marry into a royal family and understand all it’s bits and pieces and easy to feel out of place. However, I Don understand why MM has to bash Kate and the royals at every chance she gets. Is she just looking for sympathy and an excuse to bring Harry back to the U.S. with her? If she wasn’t comfortable with conforming to the royal life….then it was her option to leave with Harry following. Did she really give it enough time or just that Kate was in the media more? However, it seemed liked MM was a welcomed person in Britain.

  14. Guest says

    Yep, and there is an interview with someone who knew her growing up and they said she was obsessed with the Royals. She created this plan and trapped Harry. She got extra mad when she could not bully royal protocol and change everything. She never tried to adapt. Played that damn race card to the freaking max and lied every step of the way. Harry needs to divorce this trashy slut and go back home. Forget the kid. He can have others by good English girls. This woman is pathetic. The press needs to stop giving her racist ass any publicity. Evil!

  15. Guest says

    Harry’s wife’s friends in Canada saw books about Diana all over her house she had filming suits

  16. Guest says

    Meagan, is a top notch liar. It shows through her all over. I do not think she is all that pretty anymore. Her inner self is ruining her looks. She is not stunning nor does she have a inner glow as they claim. I feel sorry for the children. They will be mixed up children with these two as their parents. Meagan is already showing preference for the daughter to be. She is a pampered entitled liar, period

  17. Guest says

    I think Megan Markle will say and do anything for fame and attention. She would always be behind Kate and she couldn’t swallow that. I would never believe a word she says! She is a tv actress that most people didn’t even know who she was until Harry!

  18. Guest says

    She wanted this more than anything but she could not fit in because she's not a royal and I think she faced the fact that she needs to get out because she just didn't have Grace like the royals she wasn't brought up like that so then she turned the tables on them so it would make her feel better what a waste

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