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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Gives Prince Harry A Major Ultimatum

British Royal Family News says that Meghan Markle has put her foot down in a way that she’s never done before. There’s a new report that suggests the Duchess of Sussex has made it pretty clear to her husband Prince Harry that he needs to pick either his royal family back in the UK or the family that they have built together in California.

That’s because she apparently doesn’t think it’s a very good idea for Harry to travel to the UK to attend King Charles’ Coronation, which happens to be on the same day as their son Archie’s 4th birthday. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Gives Prince Harry A Major Ultimatum – It’s The Royal Family Or His California Family

According to the National Enquirer, Harry is mulling over whether or not to hop on a plane and help his father celebrate what will most likely be the most important day of his reign. But if there’s one person who thinks it’s a bad idea for him to go, it’s his wife, Meghan. Not only that, but she’s also been left insulted after it was suggested by some royal staff members that only Harry gets to go to the Coronation, and not her.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Behind Prince Harry’s “Scorched Earth” Spare Attack?

One source put it this way, “Apparently, this proposal is insulting and typically manipulative, since it’s forcing Harry to choose between his current family and attending the coronation,” while also adding, “They were planning to have a party for Archie with some of his friends and their parents and Meghan wants Harry there to help. How would it look if he bailed on his own son’s birthday? I suspect Meghan will not be happy if Harry takes the bait and attends the coronation.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

Not only that, but the tipster says that it’s King Charles who is eager to have his younger son attend his coronation just so they can put an end to all of the family turmoil over his book, Spare. Watch this space as we have a feeling that there is so much more to come.

Tell us British Royal Family fans, how do you feel about this story? Contribute to the buzz by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. We’ll make sure to update you with all of the latest information about King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and the rest of the firm right here.

  1. Deena says

    H should not go to KC3 coronation n he needs to stay home with his family, yes the family that he’s made. Voodoo wife doesn’t want to go n the RF don’t like her and don’t want her there. So, H needs to stay with his family. Also, KC3 NEEDS TO SUCK IT UP AND GET USED TO THE FACT THAT H CANNOT BE THERE CUS MM WANTS HIM HOME WITH HER. KC3 HAS TO STOP WHINING ALSO ABOUT WANTING H THERE WITH HIM. MAYBE WHEN H IS 50 HE’LL GROW UP AND BE A MAN BUT RIGHT NOW H IS STILL A LITTLE BOY. KC3 STOP CRYING AND WISHING THAT U CAN HV UR WAY CUS A LOT OF TIMES YOU CAN’T. SO STOP CAUSING TROUBLE AND LET H AND HIS FAMILY LIVE THEIR LIFE THE LIFE THAT H HAS CREATED.

    1. Becky says

      Totally agree

    2. George Morani says


  2. Linda says

    His son will have many birthday parties but his father will have only one coronation. If this is the chance to repair the bonds that have been damaged between his brother and his father and himself he should go. If his wife really loved him and wanted the best for him, she would send him with her blessing and have the birthday party on another day. 4 year olds love to have birthday weeks – not just days!!! So celebrate his day several times.

    1. Sharolyn Davis says

      You are absolutely correct! A birthday week will be more memorable to a 4 year old. Then Harry,( or Henry if that is what he would rather be called) could attend his father’s coronation, but still placate his wife and four year old. IF on the other hand, he truly intends on “making a life” here in the USA, he should ASSIMILATE fully, dropping ALL of the titles for his entire branch of the family…meaning that HE, MEGAN, ARCHIE & LILLIBET would NOT accept ANY TITLES of the Monarchy which they LEFT.

      1. Carol petry says

        They will never drop thoses titles that is what makes them feel important and that’s how they make money they want it it all. Especially the wife.

      2. Jane says


    2. Judith H. says

      BRAVO! BRAVO! Well said you! If Megan loves her prince as much as she says, she should encourage him to go to his father’s once-in-a-lifetime event. Like previously stated, 4 year olds love parties. Archie’s birthday could be celebrated when dad comes back. We were a military family and that’s exactly what had to happen quite a few times. Hopefully, calmer personalities will prevail and Harry’s entire family is invited. King Charles needs to see his grandchildren and they need to see him.

    3. Sharon says

      Of all the dates King Charles could have selected, why Archie’s birthday? I Guarentee he wouldn’t select a a date that is one of William’s children birthday.
      But y’all want to criticize Harry and Meghan and especially black Meghan. Harry didn’t start being his own person when he met Meghan, he’s been a rebel.

      1. Ananda says

        Many of the comments on here are kinda amusing. One that Sharon makes irks me tho. She calls Megan black which she is not. She’s half white so can I say she’s a white woman? You bet I’d get a lot of backlash if I did that. Call her “mixed race” because, just like my kids, that’s what she is. And Lady T saying to “go to hell” if you’re not on h&m’s team is wrong. We have free speech in the US so, just like she did, we can say anything we want. The RF hasn’t looked for ways to hurt h but with the netflix doc & h’s book he sure found ways to hurt them & what’s worse he did it for money. He hurt his grandmother & grandfather too & did the Oprah interview while his grandfather lay dying. Don’t you think h’s betrayal hurt them? He made the last years of the Queen’s life hell, but it’s the RF that’s trying to hurt HIM. Give me a break!! If they didn’t keep putting themselves out in the public eye they wouldn’t get commented on be it good or bad. That’s the price everyone who is a public person has to pay so don’t go

      2. Jill S says

        “Especially Black Meghan” REALLY???????
        Why do you inject race into this????
        This is a family squabble. Why is race attached to everything? You have a problem
        Meghan married into the Royal family but didn’t want any part of the responsibilities. She wanted the money and fame and nothing more.
        Harry should go to his father’s big day.
        Four year olds don’t know one day from another
        They should celebrate when Harry gets back
        Archie will not even know ….hes 4

      3. PJA says

        This isn’t about MM being biracial. This is about her abrasive and rude personality. She’s a narcissistic and I suspect sociopath. So is he. What Meghan wants M gets! Please quit using the race excuse! It only serves to divide people, families and nations.

        1. Kd7 says

          Great post! Totally agree with you!
          I gor one am sick of this our Country constantly being divided along race lines! It is divisive, racist & pointless, unless the goal is to truly divide us and cause a race war!
          It’s really sad, we all bleed red and that is ALL THAT MATTERS!
          To quote a famous Californian: “Can’t we all just get along?”
          You know the saying that if we all put our problems on a table, we would all pick them over any others and go back home with them.
          H & M need to realize how short life is and that love/family is all that matter. Forget all the noise & bs and be thankful for what they have!

      4. GiGi To Nine says

        EXACTLY! I feel this date was chosen deliberately because it IS Archie’s birthday! King Charles did it on purpose to put Harry in the middle, to make him choose between the two families. NO father should ever do that. He brought this on himself. Harry needs to stay home and put HIS CHILD FIRST. And that should send a loud message back to the Royal manipulators not to ever do it again.

      5. Karen says

        King Charles 111 grandfather was crowned on May 6, that is why he picked it. ARCHIE DOESN’T EXIST PERIOD

      6. Carol Petry says

        He doesn’t choose the date the counsel does.

      7. Jane says

        Black Meghan? Where? No black Meghan except with makeup.

    4. Maryannne says

      Very true!

    5. Kathleen Duke says


    6. Diane says

      Yes his sons Birthday can be celebrated any time. Meghan trying to run Harry. A wife should never get between an father an brother.

    7. Tammy says

      I agree, his 4yrs old. He will love that party the following week just s much. I no it’s always better on there day. But sometimes things have to be rearranged. Megan you are so freaking selfish and self centered and manipulative it’s unreal. Harry deserves his birth family and his family he has made. Just because your own family dies not particularly like you, well that’s your fault. If you love your husband you WILL make both things work. His dad’s carnation is a BIG DAMN DEAL. Think of someone besides yourself.

    8. Rosa says

      His father should have considered when his children and grandchildren’s birthday’s are and do the coronation around those days. For this expampla if he wanted his sohn prince harry and duchuss megan prsent then do the coronation one week later,so they could be present for
      King ciii coronation but also home for archi’s birthday

    9. KdD7 says

      Well said Linda!

    10. George Morani says

      Booooooo. Boooooo

    11. Jane says

      Hey, Don’t call people disgusting who are merely stating facts. Charles’ coronation will be ONCE in world history… Archie will have many birthdays and they can always celebrate his birthday on another day. That is what families do when there is a conflict in schedules. Four year birthday is not even a significant birthday like 5th or tenth, etc.
      Meghan was not doing well enough for HERSELF. She is money hungry. That is all that matters to her. Money!

  3. Joanne C says

    Harry should go to his Father’s coronation. Meghan should attend also. The Coronation is a huge family event. They do not happen that often. Last time was in 1953. The Sussexes fame, connections etc. emanates British Royal Family. Harry needs to protect his family relationships with his father and brother. Meghan does not make good decisions. Archie is 4 years old. They can have his party on a different day before he leaves or when he comes back.

    1. Becky says

      You’ve got to be kidding. Prince Charles was no prince and he had an affair with Camilla during his marriage to Diana. He makes me sick to my stomach.

      1. Brenda says

        Charles will bring the end to England supporting and being rule by a very rich monarchy while many many Brits are doing without yet have to pay high taxes so the royals such as Charles has a servant to put toothpaste on his dad toothbrush one who undresses Charles one who dresses him all the while citizens go without! The days of the monarchy are numbered. And all Kate’s smiles and trying to imitate princes Di will not save them!!!

    2. Jacci Sullivan says

      I agree

    3. Sharon says

      Archie’s birthday was already on May 6th why should they pick another day. Charles had the opportunity to select another day but none of you got on when he selected that date and suggest to him to select another day because that was a conflicting day. No of course you didn’t. The Royal family is a mess, they all have major issues, not just Harry and Meghan.

    4. Diane says

      Yes very true.

  4. Luana says


    1. Luanna says

      “Please!”…Honor Your Father!!… he has been preparing for “this station in life” ..ALL of His Life! “YOU” MUST HONOR HIM ON THIS OCCASSION! Not every one experiences a historical moment in time like “YOU” WILL… Your Mother would EXPECT YOU to APPEAR FOR THE CORONATION!…Man, UP!….

      1. Slr says

        You Don’t know what Diane would want Harry to do. She loved her sons and I believe she as any real mother would want them to be happy. Mind your family’s business and stay out of theirs. They don’t know you and don’t care what you think. Which is a good thing.

        1. KdD7 says

          To Sir
          And who do you think you are Sir? You sound like a schoolyard bully. We all have a opinion and a right to express that opinion! IF you do not like that, then it is you that needs to SIT DOWN & mind your OWN buisness.

    2. Luanna says

      “Please!”…Honor Your Father!!… he has been preparing for “this station in life” ..ALL of His Life! “YOU” MUST HONOR HIM ON THIS OCCASSION! Not every one experiences a historical moment in time like “YOU” WILL… Your Mother would EXPECT YOU to APPEAR FOR THE CORONATION!…Man, UP!…ATTEND…

  5. Rhonda says

    I cannot understand how Harry and Meghan would be invited to the coronation after the book that Harry has just presented.
    I also can’t understand how he would even want to go when he is so down on his family.

    1. Brenda says

      If you think was a tad harsh just wait until Andrew prints his. It will make Harry’s book look like a comic book. But then Charles just might give Andrew his monies and let him keep his house as Charles knows Andrew knows the whole torrid story!. Really pray Andrew will go ahead with his book!!

    2. Dave says

      If you think was a tad harsh just wait until Andrew prints his. It will make Harry’s book look like a comic book. But then Charles just might give Andrew his monies and let him keep his house as Charles knows Andrew knows the whole torrid story!. Really pray Andrew will go ahead with his book!!

  6. Deeanna says

    Meghan should stop manipulating her husband. They should both be respectful and attend or give up their titles and get real jobs instead of making money trashing the royal family because it makes them look like whiners. Just because she threw her family away he shouldn’t have to throw his away. There are people who have real family issues far worse.

  7. Susan Torrens says

    I have been very positive about the marriage of harry and Meghan. But in this most recent debacle where she gave Harry a choice between his royal family or their California family – she is walking a fine line. Meghan needs to pull up her big girl pants and deal with the fact that she married Harry knowing his royal lineage. Harry – I am so sorry you aren’t able to keep touch with your lifelong family under threat of choosing your California family. I am angry and disappointed with Meghan. Who does she think she is.
    This is not love on her part – rather a power trip!

    1. Slr says

      My question to you is Did You Hear Meghan give Harry that Ultimatum? If not it’s Hear Say. It becomes Gossip when people take that Hear say and spread it like it’s the gospel.

      1. Kd7 says

        Sir says…
        Is that you Harold? Put the magic mushrooms down & go to bed!

  8. Jane Johnson says

    I saw he needs to go to his fathers Coranation. She is just trying to show who the boss is. If she really loved him she would want him to attend, especially if it would help heal the family. The boy will just be turnin four. They can have the birthday party on another date. He will never know it’s not on the exact date. If s

    1. Lady T says

      Sdfu….i don’t agree with you…so for you to say Meghan trying to be so bossy, so what if she is…that’s her man and her kids, she’s the woman and Queen of her castle in her house, get over yourself lol

  9. Darlene says

    I agree with Joanne C 100%!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lady T says

      Sdfu, get over it…Meghan is holding it diwn in her own home, she is a boss woman, a bosd B and s great mother, if she wants her man to be st home to celebrate their son birthday, why yall hating on her decision, she know what she is doing, she is putting her child first like sny other real good mom would do!

  10. Becky says

    Why would Harry want to attend his adulterous father’s coronation? He owes him nothing. He cheated on his mother! Harry needs to stay at home with his family especially since it’s Archie’s birthday!!!

    1. Lady T. says


  11. Tina teeter says

    Y not go to his father’s coronation have his son’s birthday party a week before or after she seems to be pist cause she is not invited just saying

    1. Lady T says

      She’s not pissed, she’s just not phoney like most of them are

    2. Sr says

      If that Hear Say that she’s not invited is true it would be the ULTIMATE DISRESPECT for Harry to go. If your husband would suggest going to his family function that you want invited to of welcome to attend you would flip, Stop be a major Hypocrite. You have too much time on your hands so you’re trying to manage the Royal family’s life and you can’t

      1. Jane says

        Meghan IS invited so that card doesn’t play.

  12. Tamara says

    This is just my thoughts on the Royal family.. I have been interested in the Royal family since watching the wedding of King Charles and princess Diana.. It was a beautiful wedding.. Camilla I have no respect for her.. As she thought it would be a good idea to sleep with a married man no matter who it is.. Knowing he was married and did it anyway.. I look at it If someone cheats knowing how much it will hurt the other person and does it anyway.. Should have no voice in the family members that were produce from the marrage.. I think it is in bad taste to invite Prince Harry and not Duches Meghan to the coronation knowing it may cause a unnecessary issue with the people involved.. Regarding King Charles he seems to like pushing people away unless they do things his way.. I was sadden when I heard the news of Prinsess Diana.. My heart sank at the thought of Prince William and Prince Harry.. The normalcy their mom tried to give them and show them to appreciate the normal and the their duties of the Royal side and it is ok to live in both worlds.. I think the name calling is childish and again hurtful.. It is truly sad that the Royal family with as much exposure they have and still unflattering things keep showing up in the media with always having a source with the Royals and it is never positive.. just fueling the fire although they don’t have the whole picture that may be real.. I don’t know about Prince William and Prinsess Catherine.. They seem more down to earth then the higher Royals.. They get talked about in the trash tabloids.. But nothing is said bad about them not like Prince Harry’s family.. There should be some type of family unity for all of them.. I think all of the people involved should sit down with no one else so if anything shows up in the press you will know.. The sister that is trying to Sue her sister.. I feel sorry to the Duches.. The sister continues to put her down.. Why because she has money.. She stated she didn’t even get an invitation.. Well my dear she has the right to invite or not invite.. Just because she is her sister does not automatically gets an invite.. Specially when all this sister has done is try to belittle her sister.. Talk badly about her and wonders why the Duches won’t talk or see her sister.. It’s a shame all this stuff is happening to two random people who came together and fell in love and wanted to make a family.. From day one attacks them as if the world has say so on their relationship.. As well as the Royals who is new as a Royal has not been welcoming by them even though they have given the appearance that are welcoming.. No one has given her the training she is unsure what she can and cannot do as so many rules to learn.. No wonder she could not take everything at once.. As she was coming from a place where she did everything her self.. Where as she was un sure and needed help.. As a good husband and father he did what he felt was rite and took his family where all the attention would slow down.. His mom seemed to to have went threw similar acts.. In the sadend end of it all lost his mother does not want to have the same happen to his family..

    1. Lady T. says

      I so agree with you on everything you posted, everyone who is not team Meghan and Harry can just go to hell, i know they get so sick of ppl keep trashing them and putting them in tabloids with negative comments. I wish them and their babies, the best in all of their future endeavors!

    2. Sharon says

      Well Tamara nobody is taking her side because she’s a gold digger everyone knows why she persuaded harry she saw dollar signs and knew where her meal ticket was Harry go to your father’s coronation or you will regret it later on

    3. Jane says

      Tamara…Meghan has been invited! Check your facts.
      King Charles chose May 6 because that is date when his Grandfather had his coronation. As for saying bad stuff about the royals, are you aware of Oprah interview, a Netflix “documentary’s and a book called Spare each of which said NOTHING good about the royals??? Charles cannot be quoted as saying anything bad about Harry and family and he certainly did not put over 400 pages in writing pointing out all of Prince Harry’s issues. Harry has shot himself in the foot. And please note all the people who came forward to ” correct” the inaccurate stories that Harry put forth. Purposefully inaccurate. He has thrown his whole family under the bus and has not looked back with one regret. He has had an oppositional personality his whole life and it kicked into high gear with the choice of spouse. She should NOT BE PUTTING OPPOSITION IN HIS PATH TO ATTENDING HIS FATHER’S ONCE IN HISTORY CORONATION. THE ROYAL FAMILY HAS CONSISTENTLY REACHED OUT TO H&,M TRYING TO KEEP FAMILY TIES. BUT M who had already alienated and dumped her own family including her father who supported her above and beyond is now trying to wrangle Harry away from HIS family. That is NOT AN OK SCENARIO. Throughout his life, Harry has proven his gullibility score is way higher than his sensible thinking score. He needs to mature up!

  13. Katherine Cullen says

    Here she goes again with her saying some RF staff Member said only Harry should go, when everyone knows she was invited also.

  14. Angela says

    I think it’s rude of King Charles and King Charles’ people to plan the Coronation on Archie’s birthday. Prince Harry is a great father. Why should he be forced to choose his son over his father. I he gives in to this, then who will they make him choose between the next time? I really think they need to get rid of the whole Monarchy thing. Queen Elizabeth was there 70 years. It was cute seeing her do the only thing she knew how to do. She did it very well. Now she is gone and it should be done and over with. Let the people choose someone to be President. Have an election. Move away from midevil times and step into the 21st century. They are supposed to be family, but they are too busy back biting and being greedy to be like family. Get over themselves and just live their lives. Stop investing in ways to hurt Prince Harry.

    1. Lady T says

      Oh my goodness Angela…i so agree with you…that’s what ive tried to tell a couple of knuckleheads in these comments, saying he should go to his father’s celebration, i would be putting my baby first, then anybody else after that, I’ll deal with later, My children comr before everybody. Case and point…period!

    2. Julie Hoffman says

      He needs to be there for his father. That’s it, he wouldn’t want his son to not be there for him when he’s all grown up later in life. Archie is young don’t put on him. He needs to respect the family ( Royal) and tell his wife , she needs to bite the bullet and go with himand be the man he’s suppose to be.

    3. Jane says

      If you call what the Queen did , “cute”, you seriously need some cultural and historical perspective!! She was not about “cute”.

  15. Babie Downs says

    I think she should let him go by himself. Don’t give him an ultimatum. You can always have the birthday party when he comes back. It’s hard enough for him what’s happening between his royal family and his own family here. Or, maybe just not go at all. Harry is gonna get booed for sure by the Brits, that would just hurt him even more.

  16. Sharonkay says

    Go celebrate your Father. It’s easy to reschedule the little ones birthday party. Try to reschedule the coronation! Let’s put on our big boy pants and do what’s right. No regrets. Meghan will get over it. This. Is family and history!

  17. CElliott says

    I think everyone needs to stay out of the drama! If you don’t participate, they can live and let live…..why do you care! There’s a lot more challenges in the world that mean something…..they do NOT!

    1. Brenda says

      Amen to your comment!!!

  18. Crystal says

    Your son is young and your father really wants you there seems to me your father would be your likely choice. Meghan if she cares for you at all will understand and maybe she needs to take that time to envire her family to make things right I’m sure her family would love to end this rift and just maybe on Archie’s next birthday or Lilibeths you can bring all together to heal both sides

  19. Jessie says

    Well, here we go again. When will this family rift raft ever stop with the royal family. what’s it going to take? I understand wifey Meghan wants hubby PH to be home on son’s bd but that’s being a little selfish. Father’s event is a one time, life time event which son should attend without having to choose between that or son’s bd party. The kid is only 3. I’m sure the people attending would understand why PH isn’t present. I don’t think Meghan should make a big issue and give her husband an ultimatum. I see now, she want things to go her way. Sorry H, it seems like you’re under . “I wish u well.”

    1. Karen H says

      I totally agree. There’s a lot of parents that’s had to do their children’s B/P before or after their real ,B/D. Why are these 2 ungrateful whiny babies still WHINING. J
      Just go buy your private island and live happily ever after.

  20. Sharon says

    Like I said before harry is Megan Markles meal ticket

  21. Sue says

    I think Harry should make up his own mind, and why not celebrate whth Charles, and have his son there too; what is the big deal geez?

  22. Sue says

    One more thing; I don’t think Megan needs a meal ticket, she was doing fine on her own before she met Harry; some of you people are dis gusting!

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