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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Rants About Being Treated Like a “Bimbo”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Bites Hollywood’s Hand, Rants About Being Treated Like a “Bimbo”British royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle has dropped another imbecilic podcast all about herself, with the “guests” mere window dressing. She’s never been accused of being an intellectual giant, but she seems to infer that her IQ is much, much higher than she’s given credit for. Now one royal watcher is taking her self-indulgent ramblings to task, accusing the B-Lister of, “biting the hand that fed her.”

It was pure Meghan As Victim, claiming that her stint as a barely naked Briefcase girl “objectified” her. To be clear, we’re 100 that she was the one who applied, not the reverse.

Royal Family News – Meghan Was a Cheesy Game Show Girl

The Archetypes podcast found Meghan complaining that the job she took FORCED her to have spray tans and wear a padded bra. Um, TMI, that. She also complained that this job made her look like a “bimbo.” To be fair, her fellow cheesemeisters all looked that way.

Oh and by the way, Meghan’s guest on the Spotify episode was Paris Hilton. An afterthought.

Along the way Megs clacked, she hated, “how it made me feel, which was not smart.” Wonder how many rocket scientists were among her little game show crew?

Royal Family News – Meghan Boo Hooed

The Archetypes podcast was fittingly titled, ‘Breaking Down the Bimbo.” As one might expect with such a rich bounty of ironic victimhood presented up on a platter today, royal experts had a field day with Megs’ latest foray into Boo-Who-Me territory.

Royal author Angela Levin dragged Meghan saying that the roles she willingly took on helped her shape her stellar basic cable career and now she’s sounding “patronizing.”

Royal Family News – Meghan Was A Basic Cable Star

Levin told The Sun that royal runaway Meghan was, “biting the hand that fed her. She grabbed the jobs because she didn’t have any other ones. If she’s got the brains, why didn’t she think, “this is about beauty and I’m not doing it”?

She added, “She was very patronising. She didn’t have to take the job.”

Meghan was on season two of NBC’s Deal or No Deal 16 years ago. She actually got a promotion, being bumped up from briefcase number 11 to number 24. Heady stuff. Given her rapid ascent why the hard feelings, Megs?

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  1. Nary says

    I’m sry I don’t think I’d be that forgiving with this so call new queen as she’s the main reason hi divorced Diana. He’s just as bad to go behind her back an keep this sick sff affare going knowing what he was putting her thru no respect towards her what so ever.i would never bow to eaither one of them. Jmo

  2. Judy kay says

    The Queen was fed up with Charles cheating and Dianas carrying on about it. She told Charles to get that divorce so he did as he was told . Di didn’t want a divorce but things were out if hand.They were both cheating. The Queen said no more get it over with. So Charles didn’t have a choice.

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