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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle’s Brother Giving Her A Dose Of Her Own Medicine

Meghan MarkleBritish royal family news teases that the world is about to see if Meghan Markle take it as well as she dishes it out. She and husband Harry have trash talked both of their families ad nauseum and now her brother is doing the same.

Her brother Thomas Markle, Jr. is part of the latest installment of Celebrity Big Brother in Australia, and already making noises about the failed princess.

Royal Family News -Meghan Markle Is Getting A Dose Of Her Own Medicine

One royal expert claims that Thomas Markle Jr.’s participation in Celebrity Big Brother Australia is the “last thing” Meghan Markle wanted. Royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths said that Meghan aspires to be in the same club as Barack and Michelle Obama, but that’s a distant dream as long as her family drama plays out in the headlines.

“I think the last thing she wants to be associated with is Big Brother, the very bottom of the celebrity rung is Big Brother, said Charlotte. “She recently didn’t get invited to Obama’s birthday reportedly. She wants to be in the stratosphere of the Obamas and pesky brothers are tainting her with this murky Z-list brush. She must be hating it.”

Royal Family News -The Markle Family Is Making Noise

Thomas Markle Jr. made some bold claims in a trailer for the series, calling himself, “the biggest brother of them all.”

His video appearance was short but sweet, and he had time to call Meghan “shallow.” He also claims that he told Prince Harry, “I think she’s going to ruin your life.”

Before her royal wedding in 2018, Junior published an open letter in In Touch about his sister.

Royal Family News – The Meghan Family Is A Mouthy Bunch

In the letter he described Meghan as a, “jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the Royal Family heritage.”

Wow, was this guy prescient or what?

He added, “As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history. Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you.”

I don’t know about you, but based on this guy’s track record, I want him to pick my next lottery numbers. He obviously has Meghan’s number and based on his behavior we can see where Meghan inherited her tacky lust for fame. Who else would make a birthday tribute to themselves gloating about all the impactful good they are doing in the world? Next stop for Meghan: some version of Big Brother.

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  1. Guest says

    Bwah! Now we see where Meghan gets her shallowness.

  2. Guest says

    There’s a saying that says once trash you will always be trash trash

  3. Elizabeth says

    I thought that Megan thought when she married Harry she was going to get the royals to bow down to her since she was an actor. She discovered that none of the royals thought she was great and probably a money grubbing person. Since she couldn’t get her way she had Harry to leave the royals behind. Since then all the two of them have done is whine and complain but still think they should get all the money from the royals. HA. HA. On you. Maybe you both will go broke

  4. Guest says

    This is why they shouldn’t marry commoners!! No idea how to behave!! NO MANNERS or common sense for her at all!!

  5. Guest says

    I cannot stand Megan Markle ! Now Kate, on the other hand is sophisticated and elegant .

  6. Barbara partlow says

    I think Megan. Has ruined. Harry’s. Life . She acted like she was above the royal family . I love Kate .

  7. Guest says

    She needs to stay quiet. There is no true love without his or her family. She married a Prince and she is a witch!

  8. Guest says

    It’s sad that it all came to this. I wish the best for Harry and Megan . In my eyes they are still royal and those beautiful children deserve their title as the royal family. God sakes those are grand children of the Queen . Who treats their own in that manner. Royal or not you shouldn’t drag your family through the mud.

  9. Ann Grubbs says

    Me too, something about her screams greedy for fame and fortune

  10. Guest says

    The actors in Hollywood don’t think she’s great either.

  11. Guest says

    Wow and Meghan and Harry have been very nice but I guess that’s okay. It’s called five and take but from what I see they are about taking. The Queen I’m sure has taken care of her great grandkids.

  12. Guest says

    You all seem to forget the fact that she didn’t just marry him, He married her too!! People need to focus on their own relationships and MYOB!!

  13. Guest says

    Why would you bring race into this commentary?
    The right woman would have been attentively trying to understand her husband’s family lifestyle. She wasn’t a kid, like Diane was when she married into the royal family.

  14. Guest says

    You need to stay quiet. You are a heater.

  15. Guest says

    Hey Holley, Notice the massive downvote to your stupid race card comment? Take note and STFU

  16. Guest says

    I really wonder if her half blackness has anything to do with your ridiculous statement. Harry was already ruined before Megan came along. You don’t know her so please keep your negative comments to yourself

  17. Guest says

    i couldn't agree more

  18. Guest says

    Right on!

  19. Guest says

    I couldn't agree more!!! MM gives me the creeps…..from the first time I saw her with Harry in their engagement announcement, I had an awful feeling about her…she looked so sure of herself and so smug, she looked like a woman with her own agenda and could not wait to put her plans in motion…she did not look the genuine article IMHO!!!!!

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