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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle’s Chicken Coop Classier Than Her Tacky Living Room

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle's Chicken Coop Classier Than Her Tacky Living RoomBritish royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle just turned 40 and she gave herself a stupendous gift—a starring role in her own movie. Wait, Melissa McCarthy was in it too, but does she even count as an actress anymore?

The Daily Mail labeled Meghan Markle’s vain little video a “film” and surely that word was meant to provoke chuckles, the kind that the D-listers provoked without meaning to.

Even Meghan’s living room came under fire as tasteless and tacky.

“When Meghan spent 40 minutes of her birthday videoing compassionate messages to less advantaged women, no doubt she meant well. It was certainly no crime. But the room where the video takes place? That really is criminal. Yet another example of the familiar chasm between money and taste,” Alexandra Shulman wrote.

Why Does Meghan’s House Look Like A Hotel?

“Each to his or her own, of course. Taste is in the eye of the beholder. But really, why live in what looks like an identikit hotel interior, the sort rolled out across the world from Mykonos to Taipei.”

She went on to say of house husband Prince Harry, who made an uncredited cameo from the backyard, “No doubt Harry was eager to split from the traditional Royal interiors he spent so much of his life in – especially the Queen’s beloved electric bar fires on which you can hear dust sizzle.”

Could that really explain Meghan’s hotel taste?

Megan Markle Has Hotel Taste

Maybe, according to Shulman. “Wanting something different would be understandable and the splendid Montecito villa is the first home he has ever owned. It was an opportunity to make a place truly his own.”

“Equally understandable, since he’s a kind of old-school guy, even though he’s doing his best to prove otherwise, he no doubt left the choice of interior decoration to Meghan, which would explain why it looks just like the Toronto flat she left behind – similarly beige and impersonal.”

Meghan Markle Made a Video of Herself

She went on to say that the self-absorbed birthday video Meghan Markle filmed in a house utterly devoid of guests was a PR stunt for her kid’s book (which critics accused of being plagiarized).

“Even so it’s still depressingly unimaginative,” said Shulman. “Although of course they do have their chicken coop for a bit of messy authenticity.” When your dung filled chicken coop is more real than you, maybe it’s time to reconsider your priorities?

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  1. Guest says

    Why Do The Press & Critics
    Alike Keep Ragging On Harry
    & Meghan Just Stop All The
    Reporting On Everything
    These 2 Say & Do & They
    Will Realize They Aren't Any
    More Important Than Any
    One Else, & Will Just Live
    Thier Dull Unimportant
    Lives, Their Blood Is No
    Longer Blue Or Note
    Worthy, They Opted Out!

  2. Guest says

    Their chickens have more dignity, intelligence and class than Harry and Meghan.

  3. Guest says

    This RR is pretty tacky with her rubbish stories all the time.

  4. Guest says

    Not surprised, people are sick of them. I'm sure her pathetic little film about her entitled little life, well be just boring.

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