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Nicole Kidman Teases Nine Perfect Strangers Debut

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman is getting fans to be as excited and as expectant as possible for her upcoming latest project, Nine Perfect Strangers, arriving on Hulu on 18th August.

If you haven’t seen the creepily fun trailer released ahead of the limited series debut, you may not understand why she’s looking peaceful and tranquil in a white v-necked gown on set, but if you have, then it’s time for us to meet our weird beauty and mental health guru.

Nicole Kidman Counts Down To Nine Perfect Strangers’ Premiere

The multi-award winning actress stunned fans when she shared pictures of herself on set with what could possibly be the script of her upcoming show Nine Perfect Strangers. Don’t we wish we could have a peek at it?

Apart from looking lush in a white dress featuring a button-up bodice, she clipped her blonde hair back, with a few loose strands adding to her overall glamour.

“Let the countdown begin! 2 weeks until #NinePerfectStrangers,” the 54-year-old Bombshell actress captioned the pics. In one of the snaps, we see the star smiling and the other shows her intently studying a script.

Kidman Filmed Nine Perfect Strangers At A spa In Byron Bay, Australia, Where She Lives.

The miniseries is based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name by author Liane Moriarty. It takes place at a boutique health-and-wellness resort that advertises healing and transformation.

Nine city strangers battling with different demons assemble in the spa in their bid to find a better way of living, unbeknownst to them, they’ve stumbled into a real nightmare.

Nicole Kidman Opens Up About The Discomforts Of Transforming Into A Character

Nicole Kidman is also working on a more challenging role, in fact, maybe one of the most challenging she’s played, and yes, I say that knowing she starred in Batman Forever.

Kidman will be stepping out of her comfort zone in her portrayal of the legendary Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy. She will portray the comedy legend alongside Javier Bardem, who plays Desi Arnaz, her then-husband and co-star, in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming movie Being The Ricardos.

The Australian Actress Admitted That Mastering Lucille Ball’s Distinctive Way Of Speaking Is Challenging.

In an interview with Variety’s Actors on Actors Series, she said, “I’ve always come at it through feeling. The technical aspects of performance for me are really interesting. They’re almost like homework.”

“And then in you come, and that can fluctuate depending on what’s going through my body, my heart, my mind at the time,” she added. The great thing about an accent is you can always go and fix it in looping. So in an accent, I’ll put the time in. I’ve had to put in an enormous amount of time on Lucille Ball right now, because she has a very particular way of speaking…”

Nicole Kidman may have won five Golden Globe Awards, but she’s not above admitting that she’s “way out of my comfort zone right now, Chris. I’m free-falling.”

Apart from the role being challenging, the actress did admit that she’s happy to be playing the character, saying, “I’d like to be funny. I’m never cast funny… Lucille Ball is hopefully funny.”

She also reasonably advised fans to expect something “deep” from the upcoming movie. “The strange thing about Lucille Ball is that everyone thinks we’re remaking the ‘I Love Lucy’ show, and it’s so not that. It’s about Lucy and Desi and their relationship and their marriage. It’s very deep, actually.”

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