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Royal Family News: Michelle Obama Is So Over Meghan Markle

Michelle ObamaBritish royal family news shows that Meghan Markle’s friend circle seems to be shrinking in the wake of her and Husband Harry’s rampant and rude wokeness. Rumor has it that her once bestie Michelle Obama is the latest to have snubbed Princess Pinocchio.

According to Life & Style Michelle Obama is not impressed by the Duchess of Sussex’s antics. In case you missed it, Meghan’s latest example of epic bad taste came in the form of a cringe birthday video of her and latest bestie Melissa McCarthy appearing to make fun of the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan Markle Was Refuted By Ofcom

Michelle once called Meghan an, “inspiration to so many,” but Meghan was nowhere to be seen at Barack Obama’s August star-studded birthday party. According to one insider, “Michelle and Meghan were once close — bonding over their similar interests and passion projects — and spoke frequently, but the relationship has soured. Michelle feels like Meghan can’t be trusted, and now the buzz is that she’s dumped her as a friend!”

The source spilled that, “Word out there is that Michelle has come to think Meghan is obsessed with her and Barack. She’s also heard rumors that Meghan keeps name dropping the Obamas, that she’s telling everyone they’re best friends, in some effort to further her career, which Michelle is unhappy about. It makes her feel used.”

Is Meghan Name Dropping The Obama’s?

The outlet makes it seem that Michelle has made a decision about Meghan and it’s not one in the latter’s favor. They note that Obama didn’t send congratulations when the Markle’s welcomed a daughter in June and clearly neither Harry not Meghan were at Barack Obama’s 60th birthday blowout party on Martha’s Vineyard. Instead, Meghan hung out with Melissa McCarthy and made a video with her in which she begged for donations. The outlet states, “People who know her say that Michelle’s had enough.” Melissa McCarthy has no problem being seen with Meghan but she’s hardly on the same level as the former first lady.

Has Michelle Obama Had Enough Of Meghan Markle?

According to the source, Obama didn’t like how Markle handled her rude exit from the royal family and finds her “untrustworthy.” Obama allegedly is, “keeping her distance because it concerns her that she too could be betrayed.”

Despite how chummy the outlet makes the pair to have once been, good luck finding a photo of the two women together. Is Life & Style right, has Michelle Obama kicked Meghan Markle to the curb? Tell us what you think royal watchers!

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  1. Guest says

    Hapless Harry’s wife is a lying evil bully narcissist who destroys everyone she comes in contact with

  2. Guest says

    She likens herself to Diana which shows how deep her self obsession is…she s actually a two bit actress who nabbled a Prince and oh boy Harry will you rue the day, maybe not yet a while but it will come and to be honest we don't want you back here..we loved you, supported you, laughed at your antics and forgave you every time…no more

  3. Guest says

    Michele Obama has class, which MM lacks! I can guarantee that MM will continue to "name drop" the Obamas … What a piece!!!!!

  4. lbc says

    Never felt Harry did the right thing by marrying Meghan – he could have done better. Within my circle of friends we have bets going that the marriage won't last 10 years. I agree with MO's statement that she is a social climber throwing out whomever name that is a celeb so she can her appear more acceptable and in with those of power. She will never come to the acceptance of Harry's mother, which I think she would love to be considered.

  5. Guest says

    Michelle Obama is a smart lady!

  6. Guest says


  7. Guest says

    Meghan burned her own toast by roasting the royals. I don't see any way back.

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