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Royal Family News: Palace Aides Scrambled After Prince Harry & Meghan Big Announcement

British royal family news divulges that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took palace aides by surprise this week when they announced that their children Archie and Lilibet were given royal titles.

Christopher Andersen is the author of the “The King: The Life of Charles” and he told Fox News Digital that the couple basically made King Charles’ decision for him.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan’s Big Announcement

Lili is 21 months old, she turns 2 in June. On Wednesday her christening was confirmed and her name was given with the title princess in front of it.

Andersen said, “It appears that with one decisive stroke, she and Harry declared that their children would be prince and princess.”

After socials erupted with confusion over the moniker, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Excess issued a statement at the time that read in part: “I can confirm that Princess Lilibet Diana was christened on Friday, March 3, by the bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, the Rev John Taylor.”

Royal Family News: Palace Aides Scrambled After Prince Harry & Meghan Announced Their Kids Have Titles

Royal Family News – Lili Is Christened

On Thursday the royal family website was updated and showed that the line of succession includes Prince Archie of Sussex and Princess Lilibet of Sussex; they are listed immediately following Prince Harry.

Andersen stated that, “Charles has been dragging his feet on this one for six months now, and frankly, it did seem quite possible the titles might never be forthcoming if it were left entirely up to the palace.”

Charles was made regent after the death of his mother last September, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

According to Andersen the royal runaways did an end around on the palace: “The largely faceless courtiers who run the monarchy … were clearly taken by surprise and none too happy that they were placed in the awkward position of having to update the royal website, and quickly.”

Reports indicate that Princess Lilibet and her Prince Archie earned the right to the titles when their grandfather King Charles was declared king.

Royal Family News – King Charles Taken By Surprise?

Andersen explained that H and M are just like every parent on the planet, “they want to see their children get what they feel is rightfully theirs. They are still resentful for having been sidelined as ‘lesser royals,’ and that goes double for their kids.” Now speculation has veered away from the issue of the children’s titles and moved on to conjecture about Harry and Meghan attending the king’s coronation event on May 6, the same date as Archie’s birthday.

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